Group Exercise Programs

YMCA Group Exercise Programs bring together health-seekers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels in a fun, supportive environment where they move, groove and sweat their way toward better well-being.

Group Exercise Programs

Group exercise

Group exercise—including strength and conditioning, spin, yoga, tai chi classes and more—is one of many ways the Y supports members in achieving their health and wellness goals. Highly trained staff develop and lead the programs and often tailor them to the specific needs of their community.

Instructors also lead 11 strength and conditioning class formats that deliver a fun and effective exercise experience in a supportive group setting. Each has been professionally designed and tested through a comprehensive program development process, and all programs evolve with the latest trends in group exercise to keep you motivated and moving.


  • 1,714 programs available nationwide

Active Together

Active Together is a 60-minute workout program that uses simple movements to improve cardiovascular fitness and build strength. With energizing music and supportive coaching, this program is perfect for fitness newcomers.

Balance & Flex Together

A workout for both body and mind, Balance & Flex Together combines yoga and Pilates with athletic training for 60 minutes of exercise. Perfect for beginners and fitness regulars alike, you’ll work on balance, mobility, strength and more. 

Cardio Step Together

Cardio Step Together is 60 minutes of cardio training designed to improve agility, coordination and overall fitness. With a variety of intensities, participants of all levels can get their hearts pumping in this results-oriented workout.

Conditioning Together

Conditioning Together is a 30-minute, full-body workout that uses both strength and cardio training to build muscle, burn calories and improve agility.

Core Focus Together

Core Focus Together is 30 minutes of integrated exercises designed to strengthen your core. An action-packed strength training session, you’ll use bodyweight and weight plates in a circuit-training approach.

Cycle Together

Cycle Together is a 60-minute indoor cycling experience. A great low-impact cardio option, this interval training-style program is perfect for exercisers of all levels.

Defend Together

Defend Together is a 60-minute, high-energy cardio workout that borrows movements from mixed martial arts (MMA), kickboxing, karate, functional athletic training and more.

Groove Together

60 minutes of dance fitness, Groove Together is a high-energy cardio experience that combines club, urban and Latin dance styles set to a mix of current hits and all-time dance music favorites. 

Move Together

Move Together is a 30-minute program designed to improve your overall kinetic health through building confidence with a combination of coaching, motivating music and a supportive group environment.

Strength Train Together

A solid hour of impactful strength training, Strength Train Together combines traditional strength training with functional exercises to work your full body.

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