Programs for Older Adults

The YMCA creates a supportive environment for people of all ages to thrive. Make new connections, have fun and improve your health through programs that fit your lifestyle. Learn more below about our wellness programs designed for older adults.

Programs for Older Adults

Discovering New Forms of Fitness

As you get older, you may find that you have a new set of fitness goals you want to achieve, such as improving your balance and flexibility. We’re committed to helping older adults stay physically and mentally healthy.


  • 35%

    of Enhance®Fitness participants reported improvement in physical functioning

  • 53%

    of participants reported reduced rates of depression

  • $945

    less in health care costs per year than non-participants

  • 35,000

    Enhance®Fitness participants


Older adults, particularly those with arthritis, can benefit from the Enhance®Fitness arthritis management program. Available at Ys across the country, this group class incorporates simple, easy-to-learn movements that inspire you to stay active.

Moving For Better Balance

Improve your balance and prevent falls with a modified take on Tai Chi. This unique 12-week program was developed by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute.

Real Stories: Seniors Improving Their Overall Well-Being

From dipping a toe into water aerobics to joining a social group, see how five seniors are finding new interests at the Y — and making new connections along the way.

Watch more Y stories

  • Enhance®Fitness: It Has Helped us Feel Better in Every Way!

    Fernando and Edith Patiño have gained strength and improved their balance and flexibility while cutting a rug with new friends. Enjoy their insider look at Enhance®Fitness, a proven community-based senior fitness program. This is their Y. Their camera. Their story.

  • Active Seniors: It Keeps Your Mind Busy.

    Thelma's favorite activity for decades has been going to the Y. Now at 93, Thelma is still socializing and participating in water aerobics and chair aerobics at the Y, volunteering at church and line dancing. Learn Thelma’s tips for staying active, healthy and enjoying a long life. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Enhance®Fitness: We Get to Know Each Other.

    Following a stroke, the Patels began participating in fitness activities and found themselves stronger physically, socially and mentally. Enjoy their insider look at Enhance®Fitness, a proven community-based senior fitness program. This is their Y. Their camera. Their story.

  • Social Clubs: Get Out There and Try Something New!

    Glenna might be an older adult, but most people at the Y would say she just keeps moving. But it hadn't always been this way. Find out how this senior citizen sparked up her social life when she joined one of our adventure groups to have a little fun. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Moving For Better Balance: I’ve Made Friends While Improving My Balance.

    After many life changes over the years, John was ready for a new start. He decided to join the Y’s Moving For Better Balance classes, and not only has he improved his strength and balance, but he has made friends and found a community of support. This is his Y. His Camera. His Story.

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Stay Motivated Every Step of the Way

Discover more individualized programs to keep your spirit, mind and body healthy.

  • Group Exercise Programs

    Yoga and chair aerobics are two of the many group classes you can try at the Y. Move at your own pace alongside encouraging class members.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    Learn tips and healthy habits for decreasing your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Our small-group program is offered by more than 200 Ys across the country.

  • Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

    Improve your heart health and learn how to monitor your blood pressure with personalized support from a Healthy Heart Ambassador.