Health, Well-Being and Fitness

At the Y, our programs encourage people of all ages and activity levels to improve their overall health — and we provide a supportive community to do so. Learn more about our offerings below.

Health, Well-Being and Fitness

Group Classes by the Numbers

  • 1,714 locations

    More than 1,700 Ys offer group exercise classes

  • 2,606 swim lessons

    The Y offers more than 2,600 youth swim lesson classes.

  • 1,522 programs for older adults

    1,522 Ys offer programs for older adults like Moving For Better Balance and Enhance®Fitness

Group Exercise Programs


Increase your heart rate with motivating music alongside supportive classmates and encouraging instructors. The YMCA Group Exercise programs offer 11 classes that are professionally designed to deliver a fun, social experience.

Programs for Older Adults

Older adults, particularly those with arthritis and balance issues can benefit from our specialized programs. Available at Ys across the country, Enhance®Fitness and Moving For Better Balance incorporate simple, easy-to-learn movements that inspire you to stay active.

Personal Wellness Training

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention to help us meet our goals. Ys offer personal training and coaching to help you set and meet your specific goals to live healthier and feel better.

Water Activities

Whether you’re seeking an adult swim lesson or an aquatics class for people with limited mobility, our water activities suit every skill level. We teach swim lessons and water safety to over a million people each year across our 2,000 pools.

Water Safety and Swimming

Swimming is an essential life skill, and teaching children to be safe in and around water is our priority. Through our Safety Around Water program, kids develop strength, confidence and lifelong healthy habits.

Healthy Weight and Your Child

Healthy Weight and Your Child is an evidence-based lifestyle change intervention designed to address childhood obesity by empowering children and families through education, healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Lifestyles

We believe that living healthy is about enriching spirit, mind and body, at every age and life stage. Discover more classes and programs that promote wellness, reduce risk for disease and help you reclaim your health.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    Eat healthier, increase physical activity, lose weight and decrease your risk for developing type 2 diabetes in this encouraging small-group program, offered by more than 200 Ys across the country.


    Gain physical and mental strength and determination through our small-group program designed for those who are living with, through or beyond cancer.

Real Stories: Adults Improving Their Well-Being

From gaining flexibility to finding peace in the water, see how five different adults and seniors stay active and inspired through five different programs at the Y.

Watch more Y stories

  • Personal Training: You Don't Have to be a Fitness Champ.

    When Kathy needed knee surgery, her doctor recommended that she work with a personal trainer. Since Kathy started working with Christina at Salina Family YMCA over a year ago, she not only improved her strength in preparation for surgery, but also boosted her energy levels and her ability to do the things that she enjoys. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Circuit Training: The Y Has Transformed My Life.

    Life has obstacles. Why not make a race out of it? That's exactly what Jesse did. See how coming into Greater Joliet Area YMCA with a positive attitude helped him go for the big win. This is his Y. His camera. His story.

  • Yoga: It Enhances the Quality of Our Lives.

    Bernice and Elbert have always been active, and they’ve found that yoga has helped them remain strong, flexible and energetic into their 70s. They also enjoy the opportunity it gives them to socialize with classmates, instructors and Holyoke YMCA staff in a supportive environment. This is their Y. Their camera. Their story.

  • Active Seniors: It Keeps Your Mind Busy.

    Thelma's favorite activity for decades has been going to the Y. Now at 93, Thelma is still socializing and participating in water aerobics and chair aerobics at the Athens YMCA, volunteering at church and line dancing. Learn Thelma’s tips for staying active, healthy and enjoying a long life. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Swimming: It's Like Getting a Brand New Body.

    Just hearing Bill talk with friends and listening to his infectious laugh is enough to bring this Lake County YMCA community together. Find out why when he's in the water, "it feels like heaven." This is his Y. His camera. His story.

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Strong Families and Strong Communities

Discover more ways that we can come together to support healthy choices and healthy communities.

  • Healthy at Home

    Although being physically together may not be possible right now, we're dedicated to keeping communities active, healthy and connected — at home.

  • Sports and Recreation

    Explore new interests or old pastimes while improving your health and connecting with others.

  • Family Time

    At the heart of everything we do, we aim to provide opportunities for families to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance and become more engaged with their community.

Encouragement and Enthusiasm

With the help of our inspiring staff and fellow members, you're able to achieve your health goals in positive surroundings.

One of our members had this to say: “I’ve learned so much about how to eat healthier and I love the classes. I’m here 3 - 4 times a week now to work out, and I love the new me!”