What We Do

At the Y, we create opportunities for people to improve their lives and their communities. Through empowering young people, improving individual and community well-being, and inspiring action, we aim to create meaningful change across the country.

What We Do

Opportunities for All

The Y welcomes everyone, which is why our programs, services and initiatives are so wide ranging. We inspire kids to realize their potential, prepare teens for college and career, provide opportunities for families to bond and support people of all ages and backgrounds to be healthier in spirit, mind and body. And that’s just the beginning.

Youth Development


Empowering young people to reach their full potential.

  • Child Care

    Child care and early learning programs at the Y focus on holistically fostering the physical, social and emotional development of kids of all ages, from infants to school-aged children. At the Y, kids will learn more about their world, develop healthy relationships with adults and other kids, build self-reliance, get help with their schoolwork and more — all in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Education & Leadership

    Our leadership and academic enrichment programs help millions of children and teens build skills and confidence, ensuring that every child has an opportunity to pursue their best possible future.

  • Swim, Sports & Play

    The Y is committed to empowering kids to lead healthy, active lifestyles. From gaining confidence to building positive relationships with adults and kids alike, sports at the Y are about developing lifelong, healthy habits from the inside out.


Find your purpose and fuel your passion with a career at the Y.

Healthy Living


Improving individual and community well-being.

  • Health, Well-Being & Fitness

    Fitness and well-being activities at the Y go well beyond just working out. In addition to fitness facilities, we provide a variety of programs led by caring staff designed to nurture a healthy spirit, mind and body.

  • Water Safety and Swimming

    The Y’s Safety Around Water program, which focuses on drowning prevention, ensures that every kid can learn essential skills to help them stay safe, develop confidence and have fun in and around water.

  • Sports & Recreation

    At the Y, we believe sports are for everyone — which is why we offer a range of recreational activities that let people of all ages pursue passions and explore new interests.

Social Responsibility


Giving back and inspiring action in our communities.

  • Supporting Young People

    Across the country and around the world, the Y empowers young people to be confident and engaged global citizens who work to strengthen their communities and create positive social change.

  • Supporting Newcomers

    We believe our communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome. The Y is committed to fostering communities that fully embrace newcomers and their contributions to the social fabric of our country.

  • Supporting Diverse Communities

    The Y gives kids, adults and families an opportunity to get involved with community-based service projects that make a real difference. Whether it's planning a food drive, leading a cleanup effort or contributing to a community garden, together, everyone can help build a stronger community.

Support the Y

When you support the Y, you give young people a chance at a brighter future, foster healthy lifestyles and help build vibrant communities right where you live.