Our Vision

A commitment to a better future — for all.

Our Vision

Our Vision for the Future

The Y is committed to partnering with young people to create stronger communities and a more equitable society for all of us. We envision a future in which all people – no matter who they are or where they come from – get the support they need, when they need it, to reach their full potential.

Meeting Community Needs

We work with the communities we serve to provide solutions to some of society's most pressing needs.

  • 5 million

    Around 5 million young people are considered "disconnected," meaning they are not in school or working

  • 15 million+

    More than 15 million children in the U.S. live in poverty

  • 70%

    Almost three quarters of Americans believe that most people cannot be trusted in all situations

  • 9x

    The top 10% of earners in the U.S. workforce make 9 times as much as the rest of the population

Our Commitment to Support Changemakers


The Y has made a commitment to empower and support new generations of leaders who will shape the communities we all want to live in – young leaders who grow into thriving adults and will influence systems change, bridge social divides and give back.

Through this collective effort, we can engage more young people and deepen their impact based on the needs and opportunities in their individual communities.

Support the Y

When you support the Y, you help empower young people, improve overall health and well-being and strengthen connections with neighbors that build vibrant communities – right where you live.

A Better Future For All

Learn more about how we're working to inspire positive change across the globe.

  • Our Impact

    At the Y, we strengthen communities by connecting people to their potential, purpose and each other. Today and every day, we strive to make a positive impact on individuals and communities across the country.

  • Strong Communities

    Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. From early childhood development to job training to opportunities to mentor young people, the Y offers programs and services that strengthen communities nationwide.

  • Supporting Young People

    We are supporting kids and teens across the country to create positive change – right where they live. These young leaders will help shape more vibrant and connected communities for all.