Drive Change in Your Community

For more than 175 years, the Y has always adapted to meet the changing needs of the communities we serve. We know that deepening our impact with community members and young people further ignites their passion to create positive change in their communities—today and in the future.

Drive Change in Your Community

Our Shared Purpose

Strengthening Communities Together

At the Y, we know that meaningful change is driven by community members and young people; we understand the importance of supporting them as they strive to transform our country for the better. Through dedicating time and talents, bridging social divides and helping to implement local solutions to global challenges, we are seeing great achievements take place every day.

  • Influencing Systems Change

    Our country's young generations are action-oriented, optimistic and determined. More than half of them believe they can influence change, and are igniting each other—through the power of social media and modern technology—to deepen their connections around common goals.

  • Bridging Social Divides

    The current generation of young people is the most diverse in our nation's history. They value inclusion and we encourage them to build bridges to bring people together.

  • Giving Back to Communities and Others

    At the Y, we understand the importance of teaching young people the meaning and the power of leadership, so when they see issues taking rise in their community, they have the skills and confidence to take action.


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