Mentoring Coordinator

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Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Mentoring Coordinator to join our team. The Mentoring Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our mentoring programs, from recruitment and training of mentors to matching them with suitable mentees and providing ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationships. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional interpersonal skills, a strong attention to detail, and a genuine commitment to supporting the professional development of others.

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, sociology, criminal justice or other related field.  
  • 3 or more years experience working with children and adults in an education/recreation/social services environment 
  • Previous experience recruiting, training, supporting, and monitoring adult volunteers
  • Must have strong managerial as well as public relations skills for communication with administrative staff, program staff, members/participants volunteers, parents, and the community 
  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish preferred
Essential Functions
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to mentors and mentees throughout the duration of their mentoring relationships.
  • Organize regular check-ins and evaluations to monitor the progress of mentoring relationships and address any challenges or concerns.
  • Collaborates with Mentor Recruitment Specialist
  • Completes screening protocol for all volunteers
  • Provides match support to 20 – 30 mentor pairs
  • Completes program reports and evaluations on a timely basis
  • Collaborates with Program Director in developing program newsletter
  • Maintains regular communication with volunteers and participants, program liaisons
  • Facilitates communication between participants
  • Encourages good relationships between staff, volunteers, participants, and members in order to build community, and is visible and accessible to both members, volunteers, participants and staff
  • Ensures that all components on program delivery are executed in an organized, efficient, cost effective and complete manner
  • Promotes safety by maintaining program standards, providing regular training opportunities for staff and volunteers, and ensure that everyone is aware of program procedures and departmental safety standards, in accordance with association guidelines
  • Works with Program Director and/or Executive Director to identify opportunities to serve YMCA community more effectively, considering programming that may not necessarily be located inside of building