Resources for Volunteers

Use these resources to help plan and execute member-led volunteer service projects. From start to finish, they can assist you on your journey toward making a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

Resources for Volunteers

To make and impact and keep the momentum going

Step 1: Plan a Year of Service

To make and impact and keep the momentum going, we recommend that Y member-led volunteer committees meet regularly and plan at least four service projects per year. The tools below will help you identify appropriate projects, taking into consideration the community's needs and assets that can be leveraged to address those needs.


Step 2: Run Projects

Each project should be led by a member of your committee. The tools below are designed to help the project leader ensure that volunteers have a rewarding and enjoyable service experience.



Step 3: Report and Celebrate

You have completed a project—congratulations! Time to regroup and reflect on the experience. This calls for a celebration! Use the tools below to recognize the accomplishments of your volunteers and generate even more excitement for your next project. You can also share your project successes on social media by using the hashtag #YVolunteers.


More Ways to Support our Neighbors

Whether there is an ongoing issue in a community or a disaster strikes, Ys are committed to lending a helping hand. Join us in strengthening the places where we live, work and play.

  • YMCA Disaster Response

    When natural disasters occur, Ys are quick to step in and to help communities across the world. From raising awareness to donating, learn how you can help, too.

  • Community Programs

    Explore our wide variety of programs designed to support our neighbors who need us the most.