Social Activities

If you want to pursue a passion or learn something new, the YMCA is the perfect place to do so. Our social activities offer a sense of community, companionship and support that can enrich your day-to-day life.

Social Activities

Stimulate Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Just like healthy eating and physical activity stimulates our bodies, our minds and spirits require stimulation, too. Through art classes, book clubs, cooking classes and more, discover hobbies (and people) that inspire you.

Lifelong Learning

Whether you're a travel-lover or looking to try a pottery class for the first time, our social activities provide the knowledge and support to get you started.

Spiritual Development


Our understanding of our faith, others and sense of purpose in the world are rich topics for exploration. Discover prayer and discussion groups and spiritually-focused yoga and meditation to allow your spirit a chance to stretch and grow.

Real Stories: Pursuing Hobbies and Passions at Any Age

From creative writing to performing in a circus, see how five different people are finding fulfillment through exploring unique classes offered by the Y.

Watch more Y stories

  • Knitting Club: I Found Friendship and More at the Y.

    Chances are if you visit Sherwood, Oregon, you might run into someone wearing a cap or pair of socks knitted by Eileen. Grab your needle and yarn and find out why her knitting club at Sherwood Regional Family YMCA is much more than just friendly tips for making the perfect afghan. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Running Group: It Keeps Me Motivated.

    Tanmay has been running with his mom for years. They both joined the running group at Southington-Cheshire Community YMCAs and have found the motivation, encouragement and camaraderie to keep going. Watch as Tanmay runs the annual Harvest Race and continues breaking his records. This is his Y. His camera. His story.

  • Creative Writing: The Y's Classes Bring People Together.

    Writing can be a solitary pursuit, but the YMCA of Central New York is showing young authors like Josh how they can benefit from positive, constructive criticism from others, and maybe even make some friends along the way. This is his Y. His Camera. His Story.

  • Social Clubs: Get Out There and Try Something New!

    Glenna might be an older adult, but most people at the Altru Family YMCA would say she just keeps moving. But it hadn't always been this way. Find out how this senior citizen sparked up her social life when she joined one of our adventure groups to have a little fun. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • Circus Performing: "It's Not Just about Putting on a Show."

    Lucky for Brennan, he didn't have to run away and join the circus. It was in his own backyard at the YMCA of East Valley. Find out how this tight-knit community of performers is working together to embrace the spirit of hope and determination. This is his Y. His camera. His story.

Find Your Y

Find the Y closest to you and visit their website to learn how to get involved today.


More Ways to Keep Your Spirit, Mind and Body Active

Unplug from technology, and discover new ways to connect through team sports, family activities and your life at home.

  • Family Time

    Bond with your family and explore new interests together, like camping, cooking and crafts. Not only will everyone develop new skills, but they'll improve their mental health and well-being.

  • Sports and Recreation

    For a fun way to stay active and boost your health, join a team sport that you love, or an activity you've always wanted to try, and build connections along the way.

  • Healthy at Home

    From healthy cooking tips to backyard activities, find inspiration for your whole family to stay active and creative at home.