Program Director

Develops, organizes and implements high quality YMCA programs, sports and services to our large service area.
Job Description

As this position is integral to our operations, a proactive and forward-thinking initiative to ensure our services are not only carried out effectively and efficiently, but also developed for future success. This position will carry out its existing sports, programs, and services, as well as explore other markets and develop new services to meet the needs of our large service area.


1. College degree or higher. Preferred focus in Recreation Administration, but not required.

2. Experience in recreation, youth sports, adult sports and community events.

3. Experience with research, development, and implementation of programs.

4. Experience in a team leadership role is preferred, but not required.

Essential Functions

1.    Directs and supervises program activities to meet YMCA objectives. Maintains and grows our current programs, along with expand programs within the community and our service area.

2.    Assists in developing and carrying out an annual budget for all program activities.

3.    Secures and schedules athletic fields and facilities. Transports and sets up equipment for games and practices if needed. Monitors and purchases necessary sporting equipment as budget permits. Prepares venues for programs when needed.

4.    Develops relationships and programs in other parts of our service area.

5.    Maintains the integrity of our sports fields, YMCA campus and any other facilities that the YMCA may operate.

6.    Creates teams from paid and financially assisted registrations. Organizes and conducts trainings and meetings for coaches and keeps records of all volunteer information.

7.    Develops and distributes team practice and game schedules; trains and schedules sports officials; develops and distributes sports rules, guidelines and handbooks.

8.    Fills in as an official, coach, or program aid if needed.

9.    Purchases and distributes team uniforms and awards. Coordinates and distributes team photographs.

10.  Markets and distributes program information, organizes and schedules program registrations.

11.  Develops and maintains collaborative relationships with community organizations.

12.   Assists in YMCA fundraising activities and special events when needed.

13.   Responds to all member and community inquiries and complaints in a timely and professional manner.

14.   Compiles program statistics and monitors/evaluates its effectiveness and makes recommendations based upon trends and community needs.

15.   Supervises program staff and other staff as assigned.

16.   Other duties as assigned or deemed necessary.