Certified Pre K Teacher - 2024 / 2025 School Year

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to make a profound difference where social responsibility permeates the culture.
Job Description

The State Funded Pre-Kindergarten Teacher is expected to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate preschool education in accordance with all relevant legislation, policies, and procedures within the State of New Jersey as a Certified Teacher. 


  • Bachelor’s degree  
  • New Jersey P-3 certification required; Standard preferred, can accept CE with EPP and mentorship, or CEAS with mentorship
Essential Functions

  • Plan curriculum, including Flexible Instruction Plan, for classroom following the proscribed curriculum and ensure child centered age-appropriate lessons are offered. Adhere to learn through play NAEYC philosophy. Ensure that staff in your room take on an active role in planning, implementing and actively participating in all activities. 
  • Read and be accountable for YMCA Policies, State Licensing Body (PA- DHS / NJ-NJ DOE, OOL) regulations, and Quality Rating System standards (Example: NAEYC, Keystone STARS, Grow NJ Kids). 
  • Supervise classroom staff to ensure that they are upholding all DOE/OOL/DHS/YMCA/Keystone stars/NAEYC guidelines for proper verbal interaction, proper learn through play techniques and age-appropriate redirection as a form of discipline.
  • Accurately maintain daily records of attendance, mobile emergency contact binders, trip binders and allergy reports. 
  • Ensure effective and timely communication of child progress with parents. Ensure that staff in your classroom maintain sensitivity and patience with the children and parents and provide care to meet the individual needs of the child/families. Always maintain confidentiality, and ensure staff are using correct verbal interactions with parents. 
  • Conduct developmental assessments on the children and follow up with Family Conferences at a minimum of 3 times per year, report outcomes accurately using the outcomes reporting system designated by the funding source (TSG/WSS).
  • Ensure staff adhere to the DOE/OOL DHS/YMCA/ECERS/NAEYC standards for maintaining cleanliness, centers set up, toy bins and correct return of toys to areas. Ensure that staff are engaging children in the maintaining of said centers and items.
  • Inform Director of any concerns regarding facility, space, staffing, child/staff ratios or child developmental issues that may require early intervention. 
  • Effectively plan and manage resources. Ensure effective staffing. Ensure timely and effective use of materials, snacks, and other classroom resources. Ensure that staff in your room are also maintaining effective methods of usage.
  • Ensure balance of small group interaction teacher directed activities vs. child choice activities, as required by NAEYC/Keystone STARS.
  • Attend Staff Meetings/Team Teaching Meetings.  Plan Back to School Night.
  • Attend and renew as needed all trainings according to YMCA policies and licensing and funding requirements, including but not limited to 12 hours of childcare related trainings annually as detailed in your training plan.
  • Read the NAEYC guidelines to be knowledgeable in the NAEYC procedures, and approach to early childhood education.
  • Maintain knowledge of Association policies and procedures, risk management, safety practices, program funding requirements and applicable laws.
  • Lead by example at all times.  Interact with a high level of professionalism and accountability.