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Job Description


Under the direction of the Assistant Aquatics Director, and in accordance with the philosophy and mission of the Marshfield Area YMCA, the lifeguard will be responsible for supervising the aquatic area to prevent accidents, assist YMCA members and guests, and keep the pool area safe and clean. The lifeguard will create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere by being assertive and courteous when enforcing pool rules, regulations, and policies. The lifeguard will also act in accordance with the training and certifications received by the YMCA, American Red Cross, and/or other reputable associations approved by the Aquatics Director. Furthermore, the lifeguard will be held accountable for pool chemistry readings, cleaning, completing accident/incident reports, and attending staff meetings and trainings.

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am- 3:30 pm or       

Monday-Friday: 6:00 am-2:30 pm


·         Must be at least 18 years of age.

·         American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (if you do not have Lifeguard training, it will be provided by our staff).

·         American Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aid Certification (if you do not have CPR or First Aid training it will be provided by our staff).

·         Child Abuse Prevention and Blood Borne Pathogens training upon start of employment.

Essential Functions

·         Be on pool deck and prepared to work at the scheduled time. Follow pool opening and closing procedures. Remain on duty until relieved by another guard. Never leave the pool unguarded. All doors should be locked and secure when closing the pool.

·         Provide a high level of customer service to members, program participants and guests at all times.

·         Inspect pool area daily for cleanliness, ensuring paths are free of obstruction and availability and access to rescue equipment. Hazardous or unsafe conditions must be reported to your supervisor or maintenance department immediately.

·         Know and enforce all rules and pool schedule courteously and fairly to all participants.

·         Obey all facility rules and policies. When not working you must follow the rules and directions of the lifeguard on duty.

·         Maintain a professional appearance. Wear proper uniform at all times while on duty: swimsuit, staff lifeguard shirt, rescue tube, fanny pack, and whistle.

·         When on duty the lifeguard must have a rescue tube within arms reach at all times. Rescue equipment is not to be used for any purpose than rescues.

·         Maintain constant surveillance, watching for individuals needing assistance, and aiding swimmers when necessary.

·         Before swim lessons, clear the pool and have all participants sit against the wall until their instructor arrives to take control of their class.

·         Follow the guidelines learned from your lifeguard training on correct pool guarding; positioning yourself to view the entire pool area easily. Sit or stand erect at your station. Pay special attention to small children and poor swimmers during your scan of the pool especially lower levels of swim lessons. Assist new participants that may not be familiar with the facility. Keep eyes on pool at all times scanning entire area of responsibility.

·         Know, follow, and practice correct procedures for handling emergencies as demonstrated in your lifeguard training and in-services.

·         Complete accurate records as trained; including pool chemical readings and accident/incident reports.

·         Attend all aquatic and lifeguard meetings, debriefings, trainings, and in-services.

·         Follow all policies and procedures as outline in the Marshfield Area YMCA Employee Handbook.

·         Obtain qualified substitutes for any absences and complete appropriate substitution reports.

·         Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.