Aquatics Coordinator (Full-Time Hourly)

We are looking for a dynamic individual to join the busy aquatics department of our Greendale Family Branch YMCA!
Job Description
The Aquatics Coordinator at the YMCA of Central Massachusetts, under direction of the Aquatics Director, will lead with the responsibility for all components of the aquatic department while maintaining a supportive, positive atmosphere that welcomes and respects all individuals. Every effort will be made to operate a first-rate Aquatic Program which will focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.   The Aquatics Coordinator will assist with the operation and administration of all the aquatic programs at the facility and within the community. Additional responsibilities involve supervising, training, coaching staff, administrative responsibility of the department and provide program development in accordance with the guidelines proposed by the YMCA of the USA.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Required. Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • At least 2 years of experience in supervision or 1 years experience with increasing responsibilities. 
  • Requires completion and maintaining certification as Lifeguard, and Swim Instructor.
  • Strong communication and human relation skills in dealing with staff and members are essential. 
  • This position requires decision making skills, as it relates to aquatic safety and the efficient operation of the aquatic area.
Essential Functions
  • Ensure that the highest member service standards are constantly maintained in the aquatic department.
  • Assist in the implementation and supervision of aquatic programs and collaborations ensuring the highest quality and adherence to YMCA standards.
  • Establish an Aquatic schedule to ensure appropriate staff coverage for all aquatic classes and lifeguard shifts. Weekend shifts will be covered for unoccupied seasonal shifts or when staff call out.
  • Actively teach or lifeguard 15-25 hours per week or as needed, as well as maintain 15 hours of aquatic administration hours.
  • Support the aquatic lead for Saturday Morning and Evening classes on deck. Support staff. Greet parents and students to each class.
  • Assist in in-service staff training regularly to ensure the highest standards of safety and Risk Management.
  • Onboard new staff, assisting in payroll and performance reviews.
  • Ensure the highest standards for aquatic safety, including Department of Public Health standards, are constantly maintained.
  • Support the Stingray Swim team and team’s training group structure and team policies
  •  Ensure the Character Development and YMCA focus areas are implemented in the aquatic department and programs.
  • Coordinate the delivery of maintenance systems with guidance of the Facility Director. Maintain pool maintenance logs.
  • Make sure clear, concise and consistent information is communicated to members and staff using Emails, Crew/or other communication tools. 
  •  Promote staff engagement. 
  • Play an active leadership role in the branch’s Annual Campaign, assist leadership in the successful completion of the campaign and other related special events and activities    
  • Fulfill Director on Duty role as scheduled.     
  • Attend Aquatic Mission Impact Team meetings and other required meeting within the Branch and Association.     
  • Assume responsibility for the physical upkeep of the pool and department.     
  • Assist in any and all branch programs and activities at the request of the Aquatic Director.
Required Certifications
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Required.
  • Requires Completion and maintaining certification as a Lifeguard & Swim Instructor