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Four Outdoor Sports Inspiring Kids to Get Active

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Four Outdoor Sports Inspiring Kids to Get Active

Four Outdoor Youth Sports Inspiring Kids to Get Active

The long, hot days of summer are upon us, and many youth sports staff and families are challenged to keep kids inspired to be active—especially when the camp routine has set in. Youth coaches and camp staff across the country recommend these four outdoor activities guaranteed to get kids moving in summer.

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  1. Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate Frisbee combines the endurance and strategy of soccer with a strategic approach like football. If you are looking for a sport that can be played with as few as four kids (or as many as 100!), look no further. All you need is a field or lawn, frisbee and energetic kids. For more information, please connect with USA Ultimate.
  2. Wiffle Ball: Designed to provide a baseball experience in a confined area with at least two kids, you can modify this game in several ways, including home run derbies, batting practice and throwing practice. For more information, connect with Wiffle Ball.
  3. Tennis: The Unites States Tennis Association (USTA) recently developed a youth program model that reimagines the sport for kids. With a scaled-down court size, redesigned balls and smaller racquets, kids can experience achievement early on. As youth develop, so does the program. For more information on how to incorporate this sport into summer programs, connect with the USTA’s Youth Tennis Program.
  4. Triathlon: This physical challenge tests children’s endurance by combining three sports (biking, running and swimming) into one event. Developed by USA Triathlon, the Race4Chase culminates in a non-competitive triathlon event for kids and teens! The Race4Chase combines the sport with certified coaches in a 6-week program where all the equipment and training are provided. For more information, visit The Race4Chase.

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