Afterschool Meal Program

Millions of children and teens lack access to healthy, affordable food at the end of their school day. The YMCA ensures that kids are nourished every day, all year long, so they can reach their full potential.

Afterschool Meal Program

Bridging the Food Gaps

Vacation days, weekends and holidays often mean that students do not have access to school meal programs. Summer break creates an additional challenge for kids who rely on free or reduced-cost school meals. The Y is committed to bridging these gaps to ensure kids who rely on free or reduced-cost school meals are nourished all year long.

The Y Feeds Kids

  • 30 million

    More than 30 million children in the U.S. depend on free or reduced-cost school meals and snacks.

  • 505,000 kids and teens

    Ys served 505,000 kids and teens nourishing meals in 2021. 

A Partnership That Feeds Kids


Almost 11 million kids and teens live with food insecurity, meaning they lack access to healthy, affordable meals. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), when the school day ends, many of these young people are at risk of going hungry. Thanks to our partnership with the Walmart Foundation, the Y is able to ensure they have access to meals during this critical out-of-school time.

The Meal Stories That Connect Us All

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  • Afterschool Meal Program: A Huge Blessing for our Family.

    With frequent visits to the Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital for her husband Danny’s treatments and the hustle and bustle of life as a parent of four, Katrina is relieved that she can count on the YMCA of Northern Utah’s Afterschool Meal Program. Her children receive help with their homework and a nourishing meal while engaging in activities that contribute to their health, well-being and growth. This is their Y. Their Camera. Their Story.

  • Feeding Children Together: Detroit, MI

    You’ve never seen kids have this much fun with apples. Check out their faces when apple nachos are on the menu! Special thanks to Walmart Foundation for helping YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit ensure all children have access to nutritious food.

  • Feeding Children Together: Asheville, NC

    Getting kids to eat vegetables can be challenging, especially when there is no grocery store nearby. The Asheville YMCA provides fresh produce and creative meal ideas to food desert communities in Western North Carolina. Now we’re sharing these tips with you.

  • Feeding Children Together: Rochester, NY

    Weekends can be stressful for kids who rely on free or reduced school meals for nutrition. See how the YMCA of Greater Rochester addresses this issue by sending children home on Fridays with shelf-stable, healthy food and snacks to keep their bellies full and their spirits up until Monday morning!

  • Feeding Children Together: Oklahoma City, OK

    When families cannot afford healthy food, children’s nutrition suffers. That’s why the Y has teamed up with Walmart to teach kids in Oklahoma City a simple equation to help them succeed in life. Check out these simple steps!

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Setting the Table In and Out of School

As part of our focus to empower all children to reach their full potential, the Y is committed to keeping kids nourished all year long.

  • Summer Food Programs

    For many of our young people, summers away from school meal programs can be a concerning time. Learn about what the Y is doing to help deal with food insecurity over the summer.