Global Services

The YMCA global network is committed to strengthening communities in over 120 countries.

Global Services

Living Our Purpose Around the World

The YMCA addresses critical social issues and the needs of individual communities around the world. Collectively, we rely on the knowledge and resources of our global network to help people reach their potential. It is through the power of our global family that we help young people in Liberia access job skills to escape the cycle of poverty, help hearing-impaired kids in India receive a quality education, offer HIV prevention and care programs to teens in South Africa and so much more.

The Y Around the World

  • 178 years old

    The YMCA was found in 1844 in London, England and has grown into one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world.

  • 120 countries

    You can find Ys delivering life-changing initiatives in countries across the globe.

  • 40 million people

    Ys serve millions of people globally.

YMCA World Service Campaign

The YMCA World Service Campaign raises critical resources to strengthen the capacity of the Y to give more children, teens and young adults access to resources such as quality health services, education and employment. Your support empowers our local Ys to fill the gaps and help young leaders transform their communities for the better.

Global Education

The YMCA helps young people and adults develop cultural competencies and key skills necessary to collaborate with their peers around the world. From global curricula to international service-learning opportunities, the Y gives young people the knowledge, experience and confidence to successfully interact in our increasingly globalized society.

Newcomer and Immigrant Engagement

The YMCA was founded by young people trying to navigate their way in a new city—far from family, friends and a familiar way of life. In that same spirit, Ys today continue to welcome newcomers to the U.S., providing the integration support necessary to transition into new communities. Through services such as refugee resettlement and adult education classes like English as a Second Language (ESL), the Y helps people to be more self-reliant, productive and connected to the community.

Positive Change Worldwide

See how the Y is making a difference around the globe.

Watch more Y stories

  • Unlocking the Potential of Youth

    Hear from Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General of World YMCA, about how your YMCA World Service support helps unlock the potential of youth to positively impact their communities through job training and entrepreneurship programs.

  • A Shared Vision For Good: World Service Campaign

    Learn how World Service is changing lives worldwide.

  • Vietnam 2014

    Every year, the YMCA visits Vietnam to help build schools. Watch Y staff and volunteers share a service-learning experience and cultural exchange with friends at the YMCA in Vietnam. For more information, visit Capital District YMCA.

  • Welcoming Newcomers: They Spent Time to Understand My Situation and Assess My Needs.

    When Sron arrived in the U.S. from Cambodia, she faced many challenges. Turning to the YMCA of Greater Long Beach, Sron received help with the naturalization process, mental support, job assistance, language classes and more. Today, Sron isn't just surviving, she's thriving—and she's giving back by helping other new immigrants integrate successfully into the community. This is her Y. Her camera. Her story.

  • YMCA World Service: Empowering Changemakers

    The YMCA believes that young people everywhere have the potential to affect great change. In many parts of the world, Ys operate in very challenging social, economic and political environments, yet still share a commitment to empower people to create a better future for their communities. Learn how young changemakers are working with the Y to address the specific challenges in their communities in Colombia, East Jerusalem, Kosovo, Liberia and Peru.

Support the YMCA

When you support the YMCA, you foster healthy lifestyles, give young people a chance at a better future and help build vibrant communities right where you live.

Finding a Sense of Belonging in Your Community

The YMCA welcomes people of diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities to participate in everything we have to offer. Communities are stronger when everyone feels valued.

  • Supporting Young People

    Supporting and inspiring young people to live up to their full potential is a priority of the YMCA. With a focus on meeting social, emotional and academic needs, we offer a wealth of engaging programs for young people.

  • Supporting Diverse Communities

    We bring diverse people together to tackle social issues, creating more cohesive communities and a better-connected society.

  • Advocate with the Y

    You can make a big difference in your community by advocating with the Y. It is our advocates who expand the reach of essential programs like chronic disease prevention and early childhood education and who influence change on so many levels.