Advocating for a Universal Charitable Deduction

Encourage Charitable Giving With a Non-Itemizer Charitable Deduction

Advocating for a Universal Charitable Deduction

nonprofit organizations provide critical programs and services

YMCAs and other nonprofit organizations provide critical programs and services to individuals and families every day. We are able to do this with the help of charitable donations.

Unfortunately, taxpayers who are now taking the increased standard deduction as a result of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts no longer receive a tax deduction for their charitable gifts. The loss of that incentive is affecting nonprofit organizations, with a projected reduction of $19 billion in giving per year.

We encourage Congress to support the expansion and extension of the non-itemizer charitable deduction to encourage all Americans to give more to charity during these challenging times.

This bill will democratize giving by further incentivizing all American taxpayers—regardless of their income—to give to charity. It will also provide resources for charitable and faith-based organizations to continue providing vital services to families, workers and communities. 

The bipartisan Charitable Act would restore the temporary non-itemizer charitable deduction enacted in March 2020 and raise the cap to about one-third of the standard deduction—approximately $4,000 for individuals and $8,000 for joint filers. 

At the Y, we know that when we work together, we move individuals, families and communities forward. We hope Congress will take thoughtful action and seek bipartisan approaches to incentivize more charitable giving.

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Advocacy Opportunities

Essential services like meals for kids, afterschool care and health education rely on advocacy efforts to ensure we reach more people in more communities.