Crisis in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine

Ys across the U.S. express solidarity and concern for the young people, families and communities who are directly impacted by the crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine.

YMCA of the USA’s World Service Campaign is working in coordination with YMCA Ukraine, YMCA Europe and the World YMCA to help people and communities who are impacted by the conflict. YMCA Europe has already disbursed emergency funds to YMCAs in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine in support of the emergency services they are providing to refugees fleeing Ukraine and internally displaced people inside Ukraine. Please consider making a gift below to provide emergency support to YMCA Ukraine.

What Your Gift Provides

  • Emergency support, including food, clothing, housing, transportation and psychosocial counseling for Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people (including Y staff and volunteers) in Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  
  • Support for the Ukraine YMCA response efforts in the country if/when the situation permits.  
  • Coordination of regional response efforts and local, national and regional partnerships.
  • Support to re-establish long-term peace and reconciliation, cooperation and youth programs between Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

We're adding updates as we receive them from our YMCA colleagues in affected areas. Learn more below or click here


Protecting Human Dignity is the Foundation for Peace

Read a statement from World Alliance of YMCAs Secretary General Carlos Sanvee speaking out against the discrimination and hostility many refugees and citizens of African and Middle-Eastern descent are experiencing in and around Ukraine.


  • August 19: More than 200 YMCAs across Europe – including 17 YMCAs in Ukraine – are providing support to internally displaced Ukrainian families and refugees. To date, YMCAs have served more than 50,000 people with food, health services, employment resources, transportation, youth camps and programming, and much more. Below are a few ways to catch up on recent updates:
    • Listen to a podcast highlighting the Y's response to the crisis in Ukraine
    • Watch a video update from YMCA Europe  
    • Visit an interactive map of YMCA projects for a real-time view of the numerous projects that YMCAs are implementing to serve those most affected by the crisis
  • March 28: Now more than 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine and an estimated 6.5 million are internally displaced. YMCA centers throughout Ukraine continue to work tirelessly to serve the increased needs of displaced and at-risk community members. One example comes from YMCA Kharkiv, where violence in residential areas has left many people homeless, in need of food, medicine and evacuation to safe spaces. YMCA Kharkiv volunteers are helping elderly people, families with children and those who have animals evacuate to safer areas outside of the city.

  • March 15:  More than 3 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to neighboring countries since February 24. YMCA Europe and YMCA of the USA continue daily contact with national and local leaders from YMCA Ukraine. Learn more about YMCA Ukraine's response so far. 

  • March 7: Bombing, fighting and internal displacement have escalated throughout Ukraine, impacting the National Council in Kyiv and local YMCAs throughout the country. Many YMCA staff and volunteers have left the country or fled their homes to Lviv and other cities in Western Ukraine. There are now more than 10,000 civilian casualties and more than 1.7 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to neighboring countries in the past 11 days. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, this is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. YMCA Europe and YMCA of the USA are in daily contact with national and local leaders from YMCA Ukraine. 

  • YMCA Ukraine volunteer Nataliia is a YMCA national trainer in playback theatre. She is currently staying in Kyiv and documenting the war: taking pictures of people in underground shelters, interviewing civilians and sharing stories of Ukrainians with the world. Watch Nataliia's story.

  • Watch YMCA Ukraine volunteer Victoria's story

  • February 28: Click here to learn more about the efforts so far.

  • Watch a message from Viktor Serbulov, CEO of YMCA Ukraine 

We will continue sharing updates as we receive them from YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Europe.

Lyft's Round up and Donate to Ukraine Campaign

Through May 31, 2022, Lyft riders were able to donate to YMCA World Service Campaign's efforts to support Ukraine with every ride they took with Lyft through their Round Up & Donate program.