Stage 1-2-Water Accl-Mvmnt

School Age Swim Lessons

Stage 1 swim lessons for preschoolers at the YMCA focus on water acclimation, increasing student's comfort with underwater exploration and introducing basic self-rescue skills. Instructors focus on helping students explore getting comfortable with movement in the water, developing basic skills to propel and glide, and teaching basic aquatic safety. See Swim Lessons for an overview of our Stages progression. 


6 - 12


On or before 11/30/2018


More Information

Baton twirling develops hand-eye coordination, bilateral thinking, poise, balance, ambidexterity and endurance.

Participants will learn various skills including marching, modeling, dance twirl routines and more.

Twirlers will have the opportunity to perform at local parades and street fairs. Optional recreation competitions are also available.