3D High School Girls Lacrosse

9th-12th Grade

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in the United States, thanks to its relentless speed and nail-biting precision plays. Originally a Native American sport resembling aspects of hockey and basketball, lacrosse players don pads, helmets and netted lacrosse sticks to pass and shoot a small rubber ball while the opposing team does everything they can to stop them and make a goal of their own!
This contact sport is an exhilarating way to build strength, cardiovascular endurance, and friendship with teammates. The YMCA is proud to offer several clinics and leagues for players around San Diego to learn and improve their skills.


13 - 18


On or before 12/13/2018


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Program Overview

3d Lacrosse is excited to revamp our box training this upcoming winter season at the Ecke YMCA in Encinitas. This Winter we will take a new approach to box by combining training and competing to better accommodate the importance of training reps and game-play reps. Each box session will be 90 minutes long with the first 45 minutes dedicated to training followed by a 45-minute game with the players' respective teams. We feel it is important to continue building off the skills and techniques taught each week with a clear progression while also giving time to compete so players can apply their newly learned skills to the game. This mixture of training and game-play will assure that players are staying true to “Box Concepts” rather than playing field lacrosse inside.

Why Box Lacrosse/Background

It is the goal of 3d Lacrosse to provide an outstanding instructional, educational and technical training experience for all players. This program is designed to bring in both experienced & new lacrosse players to have fun learning a different form of lacrosse. At 3d Lacrosse, we teach true box techniques that can be found all the way through NLL play. Box lacrosse skills and techniques that will be taught include:

  • Finishing – best angles, with composure
  • Faking – remaining a threat to score, deception
  • Catching in traffic
  • Deceptive shooting – leaners, twisters, risers, teeter – totters
  • Feeding – ability to handle pressure, ‘look off’ cutters
  • Dodging in tight confines – constant pressure, efficient movement
  • Cutting & Cycling – off-ball IQ
  • Picking & Screens – proper foot-work, angles, patience
  • The 2-Man Game – reps in the most run field lacrosse ‘scheme/concept’
  • Power Play – man-up & man down
  • How to defend against all these scenarios – all position no position – building lacrosse IQ

Box Lacrosse creates the ultimate environment for taking your game to the next level. Through the tight space and confines, players will get more touches, shot reps, dodges, and develop more sound defensive technique having to play with a short stick. Players will learn how to set proper pick and rolls and learn to be better threats to score vs build defensive communication. All become more well-rounded lacrosse players. Goalies most importantly, receive more reps than they’ve ever experienced, refined footwork, further IQ building in decreasing angles of attack, all the while building their communication skills in a smaller environment. Goalies Play for FREE! Box training with 3d Lacrosse is the fastest way to take your game to the next level.