Team Challenge

Group Fitness Program


13 - 99


On or before 11/30/2018


More Information

This is the Y's weight loss for life program. We've revamped our Team Challenge program to bring you a team training program fit for any goal. Weight is just one part of the picture; we want to focus on the whole picture to make you the best you possible. Each week, you can earn points for yourself and your team by working out and practicing healthy living. We will lay a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle for all participants by giving them the support, encouragement and education they need to make needed changes. We'll foster healthy relationships that will continue to support participants in maintaining and progressing in their new healthier lifestyles. This program focuses on establishing a plan for ongoing healthy lifestyle choices within families and the workplace.

Tools For Success:

  • 12 Sessions with a personal trainer
  • Up to six people per team
  • Weekly nutrition and wellness tips to help you live healthier on your schedule
  • Highlighted Workouts of the Week
  • Progress  assessments at orientation and finale
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Accountability through transparency 
  • Wellness Journal
  • Friendly competition
  • Celebratory healthy potluck
  • YMCA prize opportunities!