Team Challenge

Group Personal Training

Our water exploration classes teaches water adjustment and basic swimming skills for preschool children, providing a structured space where they can build confidence in the pool, become comfortable with structured classes in the pool, and make new friends! These classes focus around five main components: personal safety, personal growth, stroke development, water games, sports and rescue awareness. See Swim Lessons for an overview of our Stages progression. 


16 - 99


On or before 11/20/2018


More Information

Team Challenge helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This means moving more and eating healthily. Team Challenge is a team training program that is suitable for any fitness goal! Weight is just one part of the picture; we focus on the whole picture to help you be the best "YOU" possible. Earn points each week for yourself and your team by working out and completing healthy living tasks.

Program Includes:

  • Team Challenge workout shirt
  • 12 group personal training sessions
  • Fitness tracking accountability (BMI and body fat%)
  • Celebration party

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