Gymnastics - Back Handspring

Youth Gymnastics Lessons

At the YMCA, we offer a multitude of different gymnastic classes and combination gymnastic classes designed to teach young children the basics of several different sports.


7 - 17


On or before 11/30/2018


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Our tumbling classes focus on beginner to advanced floor skills for students ages 11-17 years old. This hour long class will consist of a 15 minute warm-up and stretch and then 45 minutes on different gymnastics equipment including floor, spring floor, and tumble trak. The Tumbling Classes are perfect for teenagers that may be new to gymnastics but do not want to start in our Level 1 class with younger students, and it is also a great class for teenagers who may be working on more advanced tumbling (for example for cheerleading) but are not interested in working on the other gymnastics equipment. Each class will emphasize learning proper techniques and increasing strength and flexibility.