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Group Exercise - Eastlake

The YMCA offers a wide variety of fun, power-packed group exercise classes each week - and they're free to members! No matter your age or skill level, the Y has a group exercise class that will help you achieve and maintain your fitness level.

Cardio classes are designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, while Strength classes enhance muscular strength and endurance. Combination Cardio and Strength classes provide functional and integrated total body workouts to provide overall cardiovascular and strength conditioning.


12 - 99


On or before 12/31/2019


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Take your fitness to the next level with this specialized small group training program! Challenge your power, strength, flexibility and more with high intensity workouts performed on our Queenax functional training system. We will feature new and unique exercises and offer accountability with personal coaching, fitness tracking and instruction. Come prepared to learn, sweat and be motivated!