Moving meditation, creating focused intention.

Health Benefits

Activities that lengthen and stretch muscles can help prevent injuries, back pain and balance problems. Enhances the mind/body connection and range of motion.

Strengthens the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core. These kinds of exercises can improve stability and help prevent falls.

Cognitive Health 
Enhances neuromuscular activity and helps improve mind/body connection through specified movement patterns.


13 - 99


On or before 06/03/2019


After 06/03/2019


More Information

Pioneer campers will spend their week learning new skills, building friendships and creating lasting memories. Campers will swim 5 days a week at the Davis Pool, building on their water skills each day. They will also receive an onsite special event or guest once each week, bringing the world of San Diego into our YMCA!

At the end of each week, your camper will have made new friends, developed skills in sports, swimming, arts and crafts, and science, as well as made new discoveries about the world around them!

Extended care is available for day camps at John A. Davis Family YMCA. See extended care options and fees.

Learn more about Day Camp at the John A. Davis Family YMCA.