Padel Fit

Fitness Class- Cardio/Strength

The YMCA offers a wide variety of fun, power-packed group exercise classes each week - and they're free to members! No matter your age or skill level, the Y has a group exercise class that will help you achieve and maintain your fitness level.

Cardio classes are designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, while Strength classes enhance muscular strength and endurance. Combination Cardio and Strength classes provide functional and integrated total body workouts to provide overall cardiovascular and strength conditioning.


16 - 99


On or before 01/04/2019


More Information

Open gym is offered from 1 – 3pm on all days that we hold gym clinics.  This offers an extended day to parents who are working.   You may also sign up for just the open gym time.  Open gym is a time for you to work on your skills or to just have some fun in the gym.  There is general supervision, but no instruction is given.