Adaptive Yoga

The YMCA offers many opportunities for seniors to stay in shape and socialize with our Active Adults programs — particularly with our specially designed group exercise classes! From water aerobics to low-impact strength training, each class provides a different intensity level so new exercisers and seasoned participants can both find the workout that works for them.


0 - 99


On or before 12/31/2019


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Restorative Yoga - Focuses on relieving stress and tension in the body and mind. It includes meditation, gentle flow and holding poses for long amounts of time. Expect to feel refreshed.

Vinyasa Yoga
- Challenging series of yoga postures linked together by breath and sun salutations. Every class is different, focusing on building strength and flexibility. Fast paced and fun, expect to sweat!

Yoga Sculpt - Total body workout. Free weights added to complement your Vinyasa flow postures. Tones & Sculpts major muscle groups to add lean mass.

Power Yoga - Challenging and dynamic Vinyasa postures linked together by breath and movement. Class will help build strength, focus and flexibility. Fast paced, fun for all levels. Expect to Sweat!