ASES at Thrive Public Schools A Safe Place for After School Child Care

What is ASES? ASES is one of several state-funded Expanded Learning Programs (ELP) offered by the YMCA of San Diego County in partnership with Thrive Public Schools.

The goal of ASES is to provide a dynamic after-school environment that gives children the boost they need to succeed academically and socially.

This free program provides structured academic, physical and social activities for students in grades K-8 attending the Mid-City Elementary (Juanita Street) and Mid-City Middle School (54th Street) Thrive Public Schools.

This program generally operates immediately after school until 6:00 pm daily. However, this program does not operate when schools are closed, including intercessions, vacations and holidays.

Hours and Contact Information

For both Mid-City Elementary (Juanita Street) and Mid-City Middle School (54th Street):

How to Apply to the ASES After School Program

Initial Application Process

  • Applications must be turned in at the ASES school site, specifically to the ASES supervisor, either in person, by mail, or by fax.
  • All submitted applications will receive a receipt from the ASES staff indicating the application has been received.
  • After an evaluation period, enrollment lists will be posted at the schools.
  • All enrolled families must attend a mandatory parent meeting, as scheduled by the schools.
  • Applications received after the evaluation period will be added to the schools’ waiting list and enrolled according to a needs assessment, not in the order received, as space becomes available.

Important Documents and PDF Forms

  • ASES Enrollment Information – English | Spanish (Coming soon!)
  • ASES Application Form (Coming soon!)

How Are Students Selected?

All students in grades K-8 attending the Mid-City Elementary (Juanita Street) and Mid-City Middle School (54th Street) Thrive Public Schools can apply.

Enrollment is also determined by:

  • Total space available in the program at each school


ASES’s curriculum is designed to help students meet or exceed California content standards in reading and math in a fun, camp-like atmosphere. Activities incorporate stimulating topics like literature, drama, math, writing and art alongside engaging physical and social activities. Parents are encouraged to have their children attend ASES every day to fully maximize the benefits of the program’s curriculum.


We devote sixty minutes of each day to homework and academic enrichment to help students succeed at school. Our staff provides one-on-one homework assistance during this time, but staff are not responsible for correcting or completing students’ homework for them. It is each student's responsibility to use this homework-focused time constructively.

ASES Staff

Each site is staffed by a ASES Supervisor, an Assistant Supervisor, and three to five Youth Leaders. All staff undergo a thorough background check and are certified in First Aid and CPR, and receive specialized training that addresses behavior management, academic enrichment, and curriculum.


To provide the best possible experience for all of our participants, ASES staff holds each child to the same behavior standards as those enforced by their school.

Daily Sign-in and Sign-out Procedures

To participate in the program, children are required to sign-in with their ASES Youth Leader each day within five minutes of school dismissal. We ask that parents inform the Site Supervisor when their children will not be in attendance or need to leave early. ASES staff cannot be responsible for children who do not sign-in or who leave the school grounds.

Only authorized parents, guardians, or otherwise authorized persons are permitted to pick up students, who must be signed out with a YMCA staff member.


It is important that students who are enrolled in ASES attend each and every day for the duration of the program time. ASES does not operate when schools are closed for intercession, vacations or holidays.

Before School Attendance

Participating students are expected to attend each day for a minimum of half of the program time (usually 45-60 minutes, depending on the school site).

After School Attendance

Participating students are expected to attend each day from school dismissal until 6:00 pm.

Questions? Contact Us for More Information

If you would like to learn more about the Thrive Public Schools ASES program, please contact: