L.I.T. Fieldwork

Day Camp

The YMCA's Leader in Training (LIT) and Counselor in Training (CIT) programs are an excellent opportunity for teens to learn hands-on job experience and responsibilities, while still under the supervision of our camp staff team.

Additionally, all hours completed within LIT Placement can be recorded as community service hours!


13 - 17


On or before 07/08/2019


After 07/08/2019




More Information

LIT and CIT Fieldwork is an opportunity for teens who have successfully completed our training course to use their leadership skills in the field of camp and enjoy the rewards of working with the YMCA's incredible staff team. Teens will experience various camp programs, assist in the daily operations of camp, and receive valuable on-the-job experience that will help build a strong foundation for either a recreational or childcare career. Teens will be placed into age-appropriate camps prior to the start of the fieldwork week. If you sign up over the weekend, your camp placement will be made Monday morning by 9:30am. Join our team in making a difference in the lives of many young campers this summer while earning school-required or volunteer service hours!
L.I.Ts and C.I.Ts. are restricted to being placed in non-traveling camps and they are still considered campers for purposes of ratios and appropriate supervision.

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