Funster Ooey Gooey Science

Specialty Day Camp Educational

Our phenomenal specialty day camps combine the traditional fun of YMCA day camps with the more specialized skills and learning of our outside specialty camp providers or YMCA experts.

Each specialty day camp has a wide range of subjects to campers to enjoy — from sports-related day camps concentrating on skills and techniques, to creative camps like ceramics that focus on expanding artistic skills and confidence.


5 - 6


On or before 07/22/2019


After 07/22/2019




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Do you know what we call our youngest campers who have the most fun? FUNSTERS!

These specialty camps are designed just for our campers who are ages 5 to 6 (grades K-1). This camp is perfect for the Funster that loves to get their hands dirty! Funsters will dig and experiment in the slimiest, gooeist, ickiest and stickiest stuff they can get their hands on! This STEM based camp is sure to be slimy, yet satisfying!

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