Big Messy Art Camp

Specialty Day Camp: Art

Our phenomenal Art Specialty Day Camps combine the traditional fun of YMCA day camps with the more specialized skills and learning of our outside specialty camp providers or YMCA experts.

Each Art Specialty Day Camp focuses on a particular aspect of art and helps the camper improve their skills and practice proper techniques — from ceramics to claymation, fashion to photography, every camper can find an artistic subject that speaks to them!


7 - 12


On or before 06/17/2019


After 06/17/2019




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Let your campers immerse themselves from head to toe in art projects including pendulum painting, splat painting and art installations. All the while, they will learn about the artists behind these techniques — some of whom are even scientists. We mix in a little circuitry, as well, because art isn't just about painting!

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