Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA

17th Annual Bike-A-Thon

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Join us! This year’s event will be eight hours of jam packed energy and fun made up of over 40 teams and 300 participants. Funds raised will provide quality enrichment programs to low-income individuals and families in our community and provide them access to reach their absolute fullest potential.

Thank You to Our 2018 Sponsors!

Major Sponsor 

  • Hubbard's Hall'ers Cycling Team 

Presenting Sponsors 

  • Anokiwave 
  • Community Resource Center
  • Heaviland Landscape Management 
  • San Diego County Solar
  • Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, APC 
  • Tempo Live Events, Inc. 
  • The Barry Family 

Tech Tee Sponsors 

  • D.A. Davidson & Co. 
  • Estey & Bomberger, LLP 
  • Junior Mavericks Running Club 
  • Shoebacca 
  • Sunny Creek Studios

Support a Team Riding at the 2019 Bike-A-Thon

  • BOOM Triathlon Teams — Captain: Susanne Davis
  • California Coast Classic — Captain: Robin Missailidis
  • Gopher Getters — Captain: Terry Venard
  • Hubbard's Hall'ers — Captains: Don Hubbard, Jr. and Lauren Hall
  • Pedal Pushers — Captain: Paula Ford and Tanya Lubomudrov
  • Pilates Powerhouse — Captain: Carolyn Mack
  • Spin-al Tap — Captain: Barbara Larson, Kate Joiner, and Nancy Thompson
  • Spinheads — Captains: Steve Nichols and Patty Barry
  • Strength Train — Captain: Shannon Hughes
  • Team Archer — Captain: Jon Archer 
  • Team Awesome — Captain: Katie Rooney
  • Team Good Vibes — Captain: Karen Madeira and Mandie Theodore
  • Team Heaviland — Captain: LeeAnn Fiolka 
  • Team Nobi — Captain: Carole Franks
  • Team Shoebacca — Captain: Dee Folse
  • The Big LeBIKEski — Captain: Mary Liberio 
  • Thunder Road — Captain: Rick Schnell
  • ViaSat — Captain: Tanja Joslin

Bike-A-Thon History

The Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA Bike-A-Thon was started in 2002 by YMCA stationary-cycling instructor, Robin Missailidis, and her team of “Spin Sisters,” Patty Barry and Laura Platenburg. They were looking for a way to get their community more involved in the YMCA's Annual Campaign, which helps raise money for YMCA scholarships and youth, families and seniors in need.

Participants in the inaugural event rode their stationary bikes for 3 straight hours and raised a respectable $1,100 for the YMCA's Annual Campaign. Thanks to the amazing support and dedication of our committee, team captains, riders and sponsors, the Bike-A-Thon has grown to raising a record-breaking $87,000 in 2018 - over half a million dollars raised over the years to help our Encinitas community.

Contact Us to Volunteer or Learn More

If you're interesting in joining a team, or would like to volunteer to be a captain for a team, please contact Paula Ford at (760) 942-9622 ext. 12548, or email her at [email protected].

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Options: 7:00am | 8:00am | 9:00am | 10:00am | 11:00am | 12:00pm | 1:00pm | 2:00pm | Any

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions in this field, and a YMCA staff member will respond shortly.