Manager, Global Diversity, Inclusion, Advancement and Integration

This position advances Y-USA priorities to deepen impact on diverse and underserved communities. 
Job Description

***Please note this is a grant-funded position slated to last for approximately 18 months***

The Manager, Advancement and Integration within the Global Diversity & Inclusion team contributes to the expansion of the Y-USA Diversity, Inclusion, Global, Multi-Cultural Development (DIGMD) department efforts through the advancement of DIG service delivery, guided integration of DIG strategies throughout local YMCA core sustainability approaches, and impact measurement. 

The position works closely with local YMCAs and other Y-USA departments to advance local DIG efforts through technical support, capacity building within the service delivery network system, support of learning cohorts, and sustained communication.  This includes strategy development to advance foundational DIG frameworks with local YMCAs; identification, co-creation and delivery of trainings; tool and resource development and oversite of national grants with the primary focus on an 18- month Strategic Innovation Fund Equity and Leadership Project.

The Manager provides expanded support to the DIG Innovation Network and associated YMCAs as a learning, networking and innovation platform for DIG work. The position supports projects that cut across foundational DIG sustainability frameworks, anti-racism, multi-cultural leadership development, and global engagement efforts – in enhancement of strengthened inclusion and equity approaches within local YMCA operations.   

The position will establish and lead targeted learning cohorts within the Network, capture operational and programmatic best practices for replication, and tracking and capturing Association strategic priorities and impact. 


 A bachelor's degree or equivalent experience - preferred

    Second language skills a plus

    2 - 4 years related work experience with historically under-represented populations

    Ability to support design and communicate programs and initiatives

    Ability to support and manage impact assessment strategies and tools

    Cultural competencies and knowledge of equity challenges including current social, political and economic trends, issues and contexts

    Knowledge of the YMCA and ability to maintain relationships with local YMCA staff

    Ability to identify, network and cultivate relationships with external partners and organizations to strengthen global engagement work

    Excellent writing, organizational, and communication skills including grant development and reporting 

    Excellent interpersonal, presentation and instructional skills, including in-person and virtual training experience

    Ability to research, analyze and compile data

    Ability to manage multiple tasks and strong time management skills

    Demonstrated experience assisting and implementing objectives, and strong project management.

    Ability to work both independently and within a team setting, and ability to work within a highly productive environment

    Proven experience in virtual and in-person event planning, social media, Microsoft Office skills, and project general project management including use of Salesforce

    Experience with grants and achieving deliverables 

    Commitment to advancing multi-cultural leadership, anti-racism, and equity for all.

    Commitment to YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility

Essential Functions

  Advance the DIG operational strategies with full DIGMD team. 

    Drive project management and implementation of key grant projects assigned, with primary focus on Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) Equity and Leadership Project. 

    Support development, refinement and communication of foundational frameworks  building capacity among local YMCAs and key stakeholder groups to advance and operationalize diversity, inclusion, and global strategies

    Support the envisioning, development and sustainment of nationwide structures, including key learning cohorts and national projects designed to advance Movement-wide understanding of DIG principles and best practices.  

    Provide tracking oversight to key internal department projects, including monitoring, maintenance and tracking of project deliverables, deadlines, internal communications, general coordination and execution of project strategy

    Ensure alignment and coordination of DIGMD team and cross-departmental priorities across multiple cohort projects, to ensure collective advancement of Y-USA strategic objectives

    Identify and create support resources and tools for local YMCAs to maximize strategy development and DIG prioritization, goal-setting and work plans.

    Extract and capture key learnings associated with assigned projects; leading synthesis of information and converting to useable tools, resources and knowledge-sharing across the Movement.

    Support data collection to ensure clear grant project impact results

    Develop and execute a content plan for Link site to further knowledge sharing in line with knowledge management policies. 

    Support cross departmental collaboration within Y-USA to ensure integration and cross-functional support of DIG priorities identified and led by the DIGMD team

    Contribute to service-delivery support to associations utilizing Y-USA Service Delivery processes 

    Support the identification, cultivation and management of external grants and strategic alliances that advance DIG priorities.

    Performs other duties as assigned