Chief Executive Officer – Connecticut / Rhode Island State Alliance of YMCAs

Lead, support & participate in the transformation of the CT/RI State Alliance, into an organization for collaboration & community impact! 
Job Description

In partnership with Alliance leadership and on behalf of the YMCAs in Connecticut and Rhode Island, lead, support, and participate in the transformation of the State Alliance into a self-directed and self-sustaining organization serving as a catalyst for change, collaboration, and community impact with and through the 26 member Associations.

In pursuit of long-term sustainability, evolving relevance, and transformational impact, the Chief Executive Officer of the State Alliance will help set the strategic direction for, coordinate services to and manage the resources of the YMCAs in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

To advance youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility as well as amplify the collective impact of the Y and its partners, the Chief Executive Officer will be recognized as the principal advocate for and voice of the YMCAs in Connecticut and Rhode Island. In partnership with Alliance and local Y leadership, the CEO will represent and pursue the interests of the Alliance and its member Associations in the areas of advocacy, brand awareness, collaboration, and philanthropy.

The CEO will, as dictated by the strategic direction of the Alliance, implement planning, manage resources, and coordinate activity. To advance Alliance objectives the CEO will convene and coordinate the work of volunteers, staff, and contracted providers. In response to emerging opportunities and to sustain operations, the CEO will pursue cost savings, revenue generation, and funding opportunities for local YMCA’s, Alliance initiatives, and the Alliance itself

  • Have a Baccalaureate degree and significant executive leadership experience within the YMCA
  • Have YMCA Organizational leader certification or comparable credentials
  • Have the entrepreneurial drive to build the capacity of the Connecticut and Rhode Island State Alliance 
  • Be committed to the YMCA’s mission, core values, and promise of access and inclusion “for all”
  • Be an energetic leader with the ability to create and maintain an empowering, engaging, and inclusive culture
  • Be detailed oriented and have excellent organizational skills and proven ability to manage multiple teams and ongoing projects
  • Broad experience navigating complex legal, political, and public relations challenges
  • Have strong relationship-building skills and experience working with collaborative partners
  • Have extensive experience in one or more of the following areas: strategic planning, board development, financial development, and operations
  • Have demonstrated success in leading and leveraging staff and volunteers across a wide area
  • Have strong interpersonal communication skills – verbal, written, and presentation
  • Must be able to work independently and collaboratively, leading people, managing resources, and advancing multi-leveled agendas

Essential Functions


  • Effectively assess Y’s business needs and create and deliver appropriate consulting services and impact-focused projects
  • Facilitate strategic planning and board governance training, for member Y’s, consistent with Y-Movement best practices
  • Educate Alliance Member Ys on the resources and tools available, and coordinate Alliance services
  • Work with YMCAs to engage in needed services through the HUB service delivery system
  • Assist Alliance Y’s in improved operational performance. Identify and facilitate management agreements, and shared services when appropriate. Educate Alliance Member Ys on best practices related to YMCA association mergers
  • Identify Alliance Member Ys for referral and Association Advancement Unit support as needed based on defined Y-USA criteria
  • In concert with the Vice President of Government Relation’s, work with the Alliance to create and achieve the goals outlined in the Alliance approved strategic plan
  • Provide fiscal management to achieve state alliance priorities. Set fiscal goals including supervising and maintaining the Alliance’s operating budget and securing multiple funding streams providing a stable financial foundation and the opportunity for impactful statewide programs and initiatives
  • Effectively communicate to internal and external audience and ensure that the mission, vision, value and goals outlined by the Alliance are aligned with internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide guidance on board governance and ensure that the Alliance is operating in compliance with state and federal regulations and Y-USA practices
  • Maintain broad knowledge of high-quality resources to assist Alliance YMCAs in transition and utilizing new service delivery system
  • Work with Alliance Leadership and if necessary with YMCA of the USA Committee of Membership Standards regarding YMCA disputes


  • Identify and participate in strategic alliances and coalitions of like-minded organizations to meet Alliance objectives
  • Connect and align with Movement priorities, sharing opportunities and challenges with other Alliances
  • Support statewide program initiatives, such as Youth and Government
  • Convenes Y leaders to facilitate the development of statewide program initiatives that allow for impactful change in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility
  • Hosts statewide events and engages Alliance members in common program initiatives to raise the profile of the Y statewide and to generate statewide impacts that are measured and clearly and consistently communicated
  • Manage ongoing volunteer engagement and relationship-building among Alliance Member Ys through in-person events and virtual networks
  • Work closely with the Y Professional Network chapter leadership to strengthen the network and utilize peer communities and neighborhoods
  • Aligns Alliance work with that of Y-USA both programmatically and legislatively
  • Serves as ex-officio on the Board of Directors of Y Professional Network (YPN) Chapter 3. Acts as a conduit between YPN, the Regional Alliance Network, Regional HUB, and local to promote trainings, programs, and events available to all levels of Y staff
  • Work collaboratively with the Vice President of Government Relations and the RI Lobbying Firm


  • Build and grow the capacity of the Connecticut and Rhode Island State Alliance
  • Participation in performance monitoring activities with Y-USA staff. This includes but may not be limited to data collection through Y Portfolio, knowledge sharing through Link and budget reporting to Y-USA.  Access to Alliance by Y-USA staff and their representatives to conduct site visits for the purpose of information
  • gathering and assessments of the Alliance’s activities related to the performance of Services and the objectives in this Agreement
  • Participate in regular conference calls, virtual and in-person meetings and related technical assistance opportunities provided through Y-USA’s staff and national partners
  • Alliance staff will complete Y-USA’s onboarding process for service partners
  • Development of a work-plan in accordance with the outlined objectives
  • Updates and revisions to work plans twice per year or as needed, as requested by Y-USA
  • Participation in a National Service Partner meetings twice per year
  • Utilization of Y-USA best practices identified through the onboarding process and the National Service Partner meetings
  • Access by Y-USA to any research or program evaluations. Alliances are expected to make available to Y-USA any documents/information received from the researcher with the designated Y-USA representative responsible for managing the Y program/initiative and discuss the opportunity and need for Y-USA's involvement with designated Y-USA staff
  • Share key contacts (e.g., Regional Alliance Chair, Public Policy Chair, Lobbyist) and key dates (e.g., alliance meetings, state advocacy days, Y leaders’ event and other dates of importance) as requested

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Mission Advancement: Incorporates the Y’s mission and values into the organization’s vision and strategies. Ensures community engagement; promotes the global nature of the Y. Leads a culture of volunteerism ensuring engagement, inclusion, and ownership. Leads a culture of philanthropy.

Collaboration: Advocates for and institutionalizes inclusion and diversity throughout the organization. Initiates the development of relationships with influential leaders to impact and strengthen the community. Is recognized as an inspirational community leader who navigates complex political and social circles with ease. Communicates to engage and inspire people within and outside the YMCA.  Ensures that a talent management system is in place and executed effectively.

Operational Effectiveness: Possesses penetrating insight and strong strategic and critical thinking skills. Invests resources in well-designed innovation initiatives. Creates a structure to deliver organization-wide results to achieve objectives. Develops and implements stewardship strategies. Determines benchmarks and ensures appropriate leadership to meet objectives.

Personal Growth: Creates a learning organization. Effectively drives change by leveraging resources and creating alignment to expand organizational opportunities. Shares authority and demonstrates courage and humility. Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well; uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology.

Required Certifications

Have a Baccalaureate degree and significant executive leadership experience within the YMCA Movement and or similar industry.

Have YMCA Organizational leader certification or comparable credentials.