Kerasotes Youth Development Director

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Job Description

YMCA of Springfield Job Description & Position Posting 


The YMCA of Springfield is in Central Illinois.  The YMCA has 2 full facilities branches and 1 limited facility branch as well as program locations in various school and athletic venues in two counties.   With a membership of over 18,000 and an association budget exceeding 6 million, the YMCA of Springfield is a major force in the life of our community, striving to fulfill our promise to our community and living our cause.  To learn more about our community impact, view our community impact report found on our website, 


This department supports the growth and development of youth throughout the association in 2 branches, at 16 after school programs in community schools and an offsite camp location.  The department’s mission has a focus on youth development which nurtures the potential of every child and teen by supporting their unique youth development journey through holistic programming. From cradle to career, the Y provides all youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life. 

Job Description

Job Title: Youth Development Director, Gus and Flora Kerasotes YMCA        

FLSA: Full Time, Exempt

Reports to: Association Director of Youth Development   Revision Date: 7/22/2021



Under the supervision of the Association Director of Youth Development, the Kerasotes Youth Development Director supports the development, organization, and implementation of high-quality YMCA programs at the branch and works in collaboration with Youth Development staff across the association to offer consistent, coordinated, and complementary programs and services between branches and in the community.  The incumbent understands character development to be the guiding principle of the YMCA and personally exhibits a commitment to that goal in all YMCA operations. 

Our mission and core values are brought to life by our culture. In the Y, we strive to live our cause of strengthening communities with purpose and intentionality every day.  We are welcoming: we are open to all. We are a place where you can belong and become. We are genuine: we value you and embrace your individuality. We are hopeful: we believe in you and your potential to become a catalyst in the world. We are nurturing we support you in your journey to develop your full potential. We are determined: above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger beginning with you. 


  1. Display a friendly, helpful, and positive character.
  2. Provide customer service that is thorough, timely, organized, and accurate.
  3. Help ensure the Y is meeting member and participant needs by utilizing good listening skills, attentiveness, objectivity, and patience in all situations.
  4. Place members and participants as the first and highest priority showing kindness and compassion at all times.
  5. Demonstrates the Y core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility through all daily activities and responsibilities.

Salary: $36,500 - $38,500

Benefits: Family Use of Y Facility, Health, Dental, Life, Smart Savings 403b Account, FSA option and YMCA Retirement Plan when qualified 


  1. Submit resume which includes 3 professional references and 3 personal references with a cover letter.
  2. Submission must be received by 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, October 19, 2021.
  3. Process will be rolling and include stages with phone interviews and in-person interviews for those who progress.  Job offer may be made at any time in the process.
  4. Placement Anticipated:  Mid-November

How to Apply:

Resumes & Cover Letter until 10/19/2015, 11:59 pm

Apply By Email: [email protected] 


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

  • Minimum two years of experience working with youth.
  • Experience supervising multiple staff.
  • Previous program development.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
  • Previous camp experience preferred.
  • Experience developing and managing financials of at least $200,000 preferred.
  • Have leadership competencies in the identified key areas
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Ability to work with integrity, discretion, and a professional approach.
  • Prefer knowledge of, and previous experience with, diverse populations (language, culture, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • Ability to complete all required trainings within 60 days of employment, including but not limited to CPR, first aid, Living Our Cause, DCFS Mandated Report, IL Gateway Registry Modules and to maintain these certifications as current as outlined by regulations or requirements.
Essential Functions

Overarching Goal:  Through their planning, actions and daily work creates and fosters a welcoming environment for all persons of all backgrounds and abilities and has a positive, nurturing relationship with staff and children, while building cooperative relationships with parents/caregivers and program partners. Promotes and supports the potential of all youth in programs and facilitates peer-to-peer connections as part of the overall YMCA experience. 

  1. Directs and supervises program activities to meet the needs of the community and fulfill YMCA objectives.
  2. Recruits, hires, trains, develops, schedules, and directs personnel and volunteers as needed. Reviews and evaluates staff performance. Develops strategies to motivate staff and achieve goals.
  3. Establishes new program activities and expands program within the community in accordance with strategic and operating plans.
  4. Develops and monitors program budget to meet fiscal objectives.
  5. Coordinates use of facilities for program activities and events.
  6. Assists in YMCA fundraising activities and special events.
  7. Models relationship-building skills in all interactions. Responds to all member and community inquiries and complaints in timely manner.
  8. Monitors payroll for all direct reports.
  9. Compiles program statistics. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of and participation in program. 


Arts & Humanities Classes at Kerasotes Facility

  • Create and schedule clubs and classes, oversee lesson plans.
  • Monitor operations to adhere to YMCA and DCFS health and safety regulations.
  • Supervise purchase and maintenance of supplies for clubs and classes.
  • Maintain records including program evaluations and sign in sheets. 

School Age Care (Sites as assigned)

  • Develop, implement, evaluate, and overall manage day to day operations ensuring the safety and well-being of all children in the program.
  • Supervise site coordinators and staff, maintain staff schedule, and serve as site coordinator as needed.
  • Assist coordinators in program development, staffing issues, revenue collection and expenditures and other administrative tasks.
  • Ensure CCAP and DCFS processes and procedures are followed according to established guidelines and that staff are up to date on all necessary training.
  • Report maintenance issues at sites and ensure facility readiness.
  • Coordinate with Billing Manager to ensure staff are communicating with parents as needed for any outstanding payments.
  • Maintain and supply attendance records as applicable for reimbursement from 3rd party payors.
  • Provide Association Director of Youth Development with all incident reports weekly. 

Camps (Sites as assigned)

  • Develop, implement, evaluate, and overall manage day to day operations ensuring the safety and well-being of all children in the program.
  • Supervise site coordinators and staff, maintain staff schedule, and serve as site coordinator as needed.
  • Assist coordinators in program development, staffing issues, revenue collection and expenditures and other administrative tasks.
  • Ensure CCAP and DCFS processes and procedures are followed according to established guidelines and that staff are up to date on all necessary training.
  • Report maintenance issues at sites and ensure facility readiness.
  • Coordinate with Billing Manager to ensure staff are communicating with parents as needed for any outstanding payments.
  • Maintain and supply attendance records as applicable for reimbursement from 3rd party payors.
  • Provide Association Director of Youth Development with all incident reports weekly. 

Staff Development

  • Take a lead role in scheduling staff meetings and planning content for all Association SAC and Camp staff.
  • Evaluate on a regular basis the development plans in place to motivate and support SAC and Camp staff.
  • Assist the Association Director of Youth Development in establishing procedures for staff development.


Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies


Description: Someone who leads multiple teams, manages complex projects, or provides tactical leadership to operations.

Disciplines: A broad grouping of competencies focused on a critical area that defines a cause-driven leader’s ability to advance the work of the Y.

Competency: Clusters of observable skills and behaviors needed to be successful within an organization or role.  Leadership competencies can be infused into each of the areas in the next section to provide a consistent, comprehensive framework for talent management. 

  1. Creating Job Descriptions
  2. Recruitment & Selection
  3. Onboarding
  4. Career Planning
  5. Training & Leadership Development
  6. Coaching & Feedback
  7. Succession Planning
  8. Assessment
  9. Performance Leadership

Multi-Team Leader Discipline, Competencies and Behavioral Indicators


Advancing Our Mission & Cause:  Provide visionary leadership to the organization and to ensure that all resources are mobilized to adapt to new challenges and needs in the community.


Change Leadership: Facilitates, co-creates, and implements equitable change for the good of the organization and/or community.

Behavioral Indicators

• Initiates changes to improve the Y, meet community needs, and maximize impact.

• Creates a sense of urgency to support change initiatives.

• Manages implementation of change by understanding and addressing the impact of change on cultures, systems, and people.

• Aligns time and resources to allow new approaches to catch on, evolve, and thrive.

• Plans for resistance as part of the change process and develops strategies to help adapt and accept change initiatives.

Engaging Community: Builds bridges with others in the community to ensure the Y’s work is community-focused and welcoming of all, providing community benefit.

Behavioral Indicators

• Stewards the Y cause, promoting and protecting the brand and reputation as a global, inclusive organization within the community.

• Effectively communicates community benefit and the Y’s impact for all stakeholders (e.g., staff, volunteers, members, community leaders).

• Builds bridges within the community so that all segments of society have access to the Y.

Philanthropy: Secures resources and support to advance the Y’s work.

Behavioral Indicators

• Engages staff, volunteers, and members in fundraising activities and strategies.

• Organizes philanthropic activity and strategies to successfully raise necessary funds.

• Reports the sources, uses, and management of donated funds to constituents in order to preserve and enhance confidence in the organization.

Volunteerism: Engages volunteers and promotes social responsibility at all levels of the organization.

Behavioral Indicators

• Maintains diverse advisory councils that actively support the Y’s goals and strategic plans.

Clarifies and reinforces the division of roles and responsibilities between corporate boards, management or advisory boards, staff, and general volunteers.


Building Relationships:  Connect people to the Y’s cause by developing inclusive relationships, partnerships, and collaborations so that Ys can co-create solutions to pressing social needs.


Collaboration: Creates sustainable relationships within the Y and with other organizations in service to the community.

Behavioral Indicators

• Builds strong, strategic relationships with current and prospective partners inside and outside the Y.

• Recruits key organizational partners with diverse perspectives and talents to better meet community needs and identified critical social issues.

• Engages in collaborations with openness and desire to share leadership.

• Creates processes to identify and manage collaborations effectively.

Communication & Influence Listens and expresses self effectively and, in a way, that engages, inspires, and builds commitment to the Y’s cause.

Behavioral Indicators

• Uses effective and persuasive communication skills to represent the Y as a thought leader in the community.

• Proactively communicates during critical and important situations, such as crisis or disaster situations.

• Gets things done through others by effectively reading and interpreting the culture, decisions, networks, and politics in the organization.

Inclusion: Values all people for their unique talents and takes an active role in promoting practices that support diversity, inclusion, and global work, as well as cultural competence.

Behavioral Indicators

• Leads efforts that deepen the Y’s connections to underserved communities and the global Y movement.


Leading Operations:  Ensure relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability of the organization so that we can continue to fulfill our promise to the community.


Critical Thinking & Decision Making: Makes informed decisions based on logic, data, and sound judgment.

Behavioral Indicators

• Challenges conventional thinking to improve processes or experiences.

• Navigates differing stakeholder perspectives or ambiguous information when making decisions.

Fiscal Management: Manages the Y’s resources responsibly and sustains the Y’s nonprofit business model.

Behavioral Indicators

• Manages the budgeting process so that resources are devoted to top priorities and strategic objectives.

• Institutes sound accounting procedures, investment policies, and financial controls.

• Uses data to analyze financial trends and forecast future financial progress for the organization.

Functional Expertise: Executes superior technical skills for the role.

Behavioral Indicators

Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.

Uses best practices, guidelines, and industry standards as a framework to improve performance.

• Demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in the technology associated with the job.

• Serves with purpose and passion.

Innovation: Creates and implements new and relevant approaches and activities that improve and expand the Y’s work and impact in the community.

Behavioral Indicators

• Demonstrates courageous and intelligent risk taking with awareness of societal, economic, and political issues and their impact on the strategic direction of the organization.

• Rewards and recognizes new and relevant ideas and approaches even if not successful.

Program/Project Management

Program/Project Management: Ensures program or project goals are met and intended impact occurs.

Behavioral Indicators

• Designs practices, processes, and procedures for strong project management (e.g., project charter, risk mitigation).

• Organizes people and activities for efficiencies and effectiveness.

• Measures progress against strategic goals and ensures continuous improvement.

• Continually evaluates progress, impact, and outcomes; makes process improvements and adjustments as needed.



Developing & Inspiring People:  Support the holistic development of self and others so that everyone can embrace the Y’s cause, sustain the Y’s culture, and inspire others to take individual and collective action to further our impact.


Developing Self & Others: Develops self and supports others (e.g., staff, volunteers, members, program participants), both formally and informally, to achieve their highest potential.

Behavioral Indicators

• Holds others accountable for equitable staff hiring, promotion, and development.

• Creates a learning environment that supports and promotes the acquisition, application, and sharing of new knowledge.

• Guides others on how to strengthen knowledge, skills, and competencies that improve organizational performance.

• Develops the feedback and coaching skills of others.

• Engages in and champions ongoing feedback, coaching, and opportunities for

informal and formal learning at all levels.

Emotional Maturity: Demonstrates ability to understand and manage emotions effectively in all situations.

Behavioral Indicators

• Creates an environment of trust and respect by empowering others and sharing authority.

Required Certifications


Child Abuse Policies & Prevention

The YMCA enforces its policies and practices to prevent child abuse.

Allegations or suspicions of child abuse are taken very seriously at the YMCA and will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation. We have abuse reporting procedures, there are unscheduled visits from supervisors, we have an open door for parents, and we have a code of conduct for staff. We minimize opportunities for abuse to occur and we talk with children about personal safety and touching limits. We screen carefully to prevent abusers from being hired.  We provide child abuse prevention training to staff including how to conduct yourself for safe practices and termination of employment for employees who fail to report suspicion or failure to follow policies.

Employees who failure to support, actively engage in prevention and be forthcoming about concerns or violations of this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including immediate termination of employment. 

Background Check: A background check, criminal, work, and reference checks, will be required of any employee at hire and may be repeated during the course of their employment.  A barred report, negative report or discovery of false information will result in immediate termination. 

Alert & Focused: Use of illegal drugs, alcohol, prescribed or over the counter medications and lack of sleep can impact a person’s ability to be alert and focused while on duty.  Used illegally or inappropriately while off duty may affect employment status.  Responsibility, respect, caring, and honesty are core values of the YMCA.  Employees involved in any injury found to be work related may be required to submit for a screening for drug and alcohol use.  Suspicious behaviors observed while working or in the YMCA or at a YMCA program where the employee would be perceived by others as an employee may also be subject to alcohol and drug screening.  Positive results of a drug or alcohol screening will result in termination of employment.  Behaviors which are perceived to be unbecoming a YMCA employee may be subject to discipline up to and including immediate termination of employment.