The Yonkers Family YMCA is an equal opportunity employer committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion.
Job Description

The Yonkers Family YMCA has a commitment to creating a culture of safety. 

The Opportunity 

The Yonkers Family YMCA is currently seeking a visionary leader to step into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This presents an extraordinary opportunity to lead an esteemed organization that has a long-standing history of making significant impacts in the community. The YMCA has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, especially in challenging times, by expanding its services and enhancing its community outreach. The next CEO will be given the crucial task of building upon the strong foundation laid by previous leadership. This role is not just a position of leadership within the organization but also a symbol of commitment and service to the community. The ideal candidate will be someone who can forge strong relationships within the communities served by the YMCA. This entails actively interacting and communicating with YMCA members, donors, staff, and volunteers, creating a network of strong and supportive connections.

This role involves driving the organization forward through innovation in service offerings, with a special focus on critical areas such as youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The YMCA's commitment to addressing challenges related to health, poverty, and race has created a safe and supportive environment for a diverse range of community members, from children and families to seniors. A key aspect of this role will include organizational growth and development. The CEO will be responsible for leveraging increased funding and expanded programs to maximize the YMCA's impact in the community. This will involve not only sustaining existing successful initiatives but also exploring new avenues to better serve the community's needs. Leadership and team development will be another important area of focus. The CEO will foster a robust organizational culture that aligns with the YMCA's mission and values. This includes prioritizing staff professional development and enhancing service delivery to members and the broader community. Maintaining and building a strong, dedicated team will be essential to achieving the YMCA's goals.

Furthermore, the CEO will play a pivotal role in community relations and partnerships. Developing strategic relationships and partnerships will be key to enhancing support for the YMCA's mission and furthering the organization's reach and effectiveness. Above all, the CEO will champion the YMCA's commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice, and a strong spiritual foundation. This role involves working both globally and locally to ensure the overall success of the community. Stepping into this role means more than just managing an organization; it's about leading a change-making institution into its next phase of growth and community impact. The new CEO will have the opportunity to shape the future of the Yonkers Family YMCA, building on its legacy of strong leadership and deep commitment to improving the lives of those in the community.

Our Mission 

The Yonkers Family YMCA is committed to diversity and inclusion for all. We are focused on uplifting our community through the positive development of our youth, promotion of healthy living, and fulfilling our social responsibility. We believe in social justice and are guided by a strong spiritual foundation. We work globally and locally for the overall success of our community.

Our Cause

At the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Every day, the Y works side by side with its neighbors to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. 

Position Description

The YMCA of Yonkers is seeking an innovative, strategic, and community-minded individual to serve as its next CEO. The CEO will build trust and extend the breadth and depth of our reach across Yonkers. They will lead collaborative efforts to grow and maintain productive working relationships in the community that enhance our reputation and further our mission and cause.

Yonkers YMCA Facts 

  • Founded in 1882, a major part of the downtown life of the City of Yonkers.
  • The current building erected in 1901.
  • Serving Yonkers, NY, the 3rd largest city in New York.
  • Population: 210,000, diverse demographic.
  • Range of services including youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. 

Current Key Strategic Initiatives  

  • Ensuring food security and support for the community through the food pantry and community food programming, which includes hot meals.
  • Supporting our school aged children (k-8th grade) by creating a nurturing and enriching environment for them.
  • Supporting our teens and young adults (ages 12-21) by providing support, education, structure, and stability for youth & young adults within a clean safe haven environment.
  • Community violence prevention with a primary focus on youth safety.
  • Residence program which offers low income/affordable housing on a transitional or permanent basis across 3 floors of the building.
  • Various fitness/health and wellness programs are both housed within our building and in partnership with other community programming.
  • Strengthening community partnerships in providing services, including those not always directly provided by the Y.
  • Addressing everyday challenges related to health, poverty, and race.
  • Creating a safe environment for children, seniors, and families.


  • Total Number of Members: 1,069
  • Total Number of Membership Units: 996

Facility Information  

80,000 Sq. ft. (non-operating pool, racquetball room, fitness room, basketball court, teen center, media room). Built in 1915, 1st floor membership and administrative offices. 2nd floor office, gym and computer lab, multi-purpose classrooms. Floors 3 through 6 designated for resident rooms.

The building is aged and in need of on-going repairs and capital improvement. A capital improvement plan to be developed as part of strategic planning. Single asset study is nearly complete.

Strong community-based programming including food pantry, senior wellness, childcare, and youth services.


  • Youth Basketball Clinics
  • School-aged childcare (SAAC) Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Food pantry
  • Senior wellness
  • Youth services
  • SNUG Violence Prevention
  • Community Gardens
  • Housing
  • Clubhouse
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Peace Mobile 

Annual Campaign 

  • 2023 Revenue: $32,000
  • Financial Assistance Given: $23,684
  • Special Events Fundraising: $29,642
  • Community Benefit: $2.1M 

Capital Campaign

The organization has recently engaged Gro development in researching its real estate development and exploring its asset optimization. The new CEO will work with the board to determine the strategic approach surrounding real estate and assets.


Current Staff 

  • 25 FT
  • 30 PT

 CEO Direct Reports 

  • Senior Operations Director
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Comptroller
  • SNUG Director
  • Peace Mobile Director
  • Food Service Manager
  • Youth Services/Clubhouse Director

Board of Directors

15 Active Board Members  


  • Balance Sheet $2.3M Assets, Net Assets $1.48M
  • Debt $418K
  • 2024 Budget $4M
  • The current business model relies heavily on government grants. $2.7M in 2024 budget.
  • $200k cash on hand 

Population & Demographics 

  • Population: 210,000 residents. Yonkers, NY, is the third largest city in New York. 18.3 square miles, 4.5 miles of waterfront property.
  • Demographics:
    • 48.61% male, 51.39% female
    • 30.3% White/Non-Hispanic
    • Median age: 39
    • Median net worth: $73, 403
    • 16% Black
    • 42.2% Hispanic/Latino
    • 0.2% Native American/Alaskan Native
    • 2.6% Two or more races
    • 5.7% Asian
    • 1% Other  
  • Public schools: 39
  • Private schools: 21
  • Colleges: 4 (including two seminaries)
  • Parks & playgrounds: 70 parks and playgrounds, 57 ball fields, 24 tennis courts, 16 senior citizen centers, a skating rink, an indoor pool and 4 community centers.
  • Golf courses: 2 (Dunwoodie & Sprain Lake)
  • Libraries: 3 branches (Larkin Plaza, Will, Crestwood)
  • Museum/planetarium: Hudson River Museum/Andrus Planetarium
  • Hospitals: 2 (601 Beds); St. John’s Riverside, St. Joseph’s/Medical Center
  • Postal facilities: 5
  • Hotels/motels: 6
  • Media: 1 Daily Newspaper, 2 Weekly Newspaper, Cablevision of Westchester, Verizon Fios, 2 Municipal Access Channel
  • Shopping malls: 17
  • Banks: 14 (Over 40 Branches)
  • Rail service: Metro North
  • Airports: 4 within a 20–40-minute radius   

Additional Important Information

Area Amenities and Community Benefits

Yonkers, New York is located along the Hudson River and is New York’s third largest city and the largest city in Westchester County. A city in the center of it all, Yonkers serves as the gateway between New York City and the Hudson Valley. It is a highly diverse and richly multi-cultural community. Yonkers is convenient, affordable, and offers opportunity for almost every residential and commercial investment. It’s why some of the biggest projects in the Hudson Valley are happening here, and why you should be part of it.

Desirable: Yonkers’ Downtown Waterfront district continues to grow, with hundreds of new luxury high-rise apartments offering stellar views of the Hudson River and Palisades, gourmet restaurants, shops, and parks, just a 25-minute train ride to midtown Manhattan. Businesses – large and small – continue to thrive and grow in Yonkers. The city is home to cultural amenities such as the Hudson River Museum, prestigious colleges such as Sarah Lawrence, shopping centers, the arts, entertainment venues such as MGM Casino and beautiful parks.

Livable: Unlike many other comparable cities in New York State and the Northeast, Yonkers is growing. That’s because Yonkers has some of the best-rated schools in the region such as PEARLS Hawthorne School and Yonkers International Baccalaureate High School, and Yonkers is ranked among the safest cities in the country. Yonkers offers dozens of beautiful and historic neighborhoods, luxury waterfront living and housing for all incomes. It’s no wonder Yonkers was ranked as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” by

Workable: The range of opportunities in Yonkers is astounding. Yonkers is Westchester’s retail center, from the Central Park Avenue corridor to the newly renovated Cross County Shopping Center, to the upscale Ridge Hill shopping complex, to local small businesses, to the big box stores, Yonkers has it all. The city has a large inventory of commercial, industrial, medical, and new-economy spaces. Yonkers has one of the area’s largest office parks, two hospitals, 40 public schools and several neighborhood shopping districts.

Lively Culture: The day lasts as long as you want it to in Yonkers, thanks to the variety of educational and cultural offerings such as the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers Arts Weekend, the award-winning “daylighted” Sawmill River at Van der Donck Park, Riverfest, Jazz & Blues at Dusk at the waterfront amphitheater, Philipse Manor Hall, historic Untermyer Gardens, Yonkers Philharmonic and YoHo Artist Studios.

Accessible: You can get to Yonkers from almost anywhere, and easily so. Ten Metro North Railroad stations serve Yonkers; five major highways connect Yonkers with the rest of Westchester County, New York City and beyond; and Yonkers has 4.5 miles of beautiful Hudson River waterfront. 

Other Sites for Information:

Yonkers YMCA:

City of Yonkers: 

City School District of Yonkers:  

Yonkers Chamber of Commerce: 

Westchester County:

YMCA of the USA:


Qualification Criteria for Candidates: 

  • Bachelor's degree (4-year degree) in business administration, human services, or related area; related graduate degree preferred.
  • At least five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable organization. Management experience in the YMCA and/or not-for-profit sector, including strategic planning, board and volunteer development, philanthropic development, and multi-site operations preferred.
  • Proven experience leading with a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community.
  • Demonstrated fiscally sound business management approach and a proven track record of fiscal management for a complex organization in excess of $2M annually.
  • Ability to attract, retain, lead, and motivate quality staff, volunteers, and leadership.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and strengthen community relationships and actively engage in community events and build partnerships, which will require evening and weekend commitments.
  • Strong understanding of government grants and contracts.
  • Successful fundraising experience including obtaining government contracts, grant writing, individual and major gifts, annual fund, and capital campaigns.
  • Embody personal values consistent with the Yonkers Family YMCA mission and uphold its values and ethics.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills (both written and verbal).
  • Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) preferred.
  • YMCA Organizational Leader certification required within three years from date of hire. 
Essential Functions

Key Skills and Abilities  

Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan: Work effectively with volunteers, community leaders, and key staff, to create and develop a strategic plan that addresses the needs of the communities served by the Y and includes defined organizational strategies, a clear implementation plan with deliverables, and measurable goals. Key competencies: Change Leadership, Communication & Influence, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Program/Project Management 

Improve Operating Performance: Engage the board and appropriate staff to develop an annual tactical plan for identifying and achieving key goals and objectives towards operating with safe, relevant, and sustainable practices. Quickly address issues that may arise, forecast future needs, and manage and direct the Y’s operations and activities. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Innovation 

Fiscal Management: Use high-level financial analysis to forecast financial trends, growth, and stability, while consistently leading the organization to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs. Empower and guide staff leaders to lead their departments to successful financial operation. Develop and implement stewardship strategies. Key competencies: Fiscal Management, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Developing Self & Others, Philanthropy

Position the Y as a Vital Partner for Community Change: Serve as an ambassador for the mission, purpose, and vision for the YMCA within the community. Possess the ability to develop and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, while always upholding the highest standards and values of the Y. Ensure your Y is seen as a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other. Key competencies: Communication & Influence, Engaging Community, Collaboration

Build and Lead Staff: Ensure a talent development system is in place and executed in affirming and culturally competent staff. Hire, motivate, nurture, retain, and hold staff accountable for key objectives. Work towards recruiting, retaining, developing, and promoting staff that represent the diversity of the communities served by the Y. Encourage the team by creating a spirit of camaraderie, inclusion, and sense of mission and purpose. Create a learning organization to help staff achieve their highest potential. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Inclusion, Emotional Maturity, Change Leadership 

Salary Range:  

$115,000- $130,000 (Salary is commensurate with experience)


  • Healthcare plan and vacation, as well as other benefits per the personnel policy.
  • Laptop, Cellular Phone, Parking Permit
  • The Yonkers YMCA participates in the YMCA Retirement Fund. The Yonkers YMCA contributes 8% of the employee salary to the fund, after 2 years of YMCA service.
  • Employees can contribute to 403b as soon as they are hired. There are 2 plans to choose from. You can choose the post-tax amount or the pretax amount.

Residency Expectation: The CEO is expected to be highly engaged in our community. Living in the YMCA’s service area is preferred. 

Target Dates for the Search Process 

CEO selection made: Late Summer/Early Fall 

To Apply 

Candidates will apply via the following website:

Candidates will be requested to submit the following with their online application: A resume and cover letter, along with four professional and two personal references. 

Please Note: References checked on final candidates only with prior notification.

Questions regarding this position should be directed to:

David Martorano                                        Rob Totaro

Vice President, Thriving Ys                             Director of Member Advancement

YMCA of the USA                                          Alliance of New York State YMCAs

312-419-2839                                              518-429-1701

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