Associate Child Care Program Director

Come be a part of our team in leading and growing our child care programs in the Orange County/Hudson Valley area!
Job Description



Under the direction of the Executive Director of Childcare and Camp and expectations and policies of the YMCA of Middletown, the Program Director will be responsible for the day-to-day operations as it pertains to Child Care specific to Club Kid, camp and programming within the Monroe branch.


  1. The APD will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of assigned Club Kid sites, day camp, as well as specific programing within the Monroe Branch.
  2. It is the expectation that, as it regards to Club Kid, the PD will visit each of their assigned sites weekly both AM and PM.
  3. Responsible for ensuring all sites are properly staffed and are operating according to state and county guidelines.
  4. The Program Director is responsible for the purchasing of supplies that are necessary to keep their program or activity at a high-quality level and keep a consistent standard of safety.
  5. Promote growth and provide leadership for all paid staff and volunteers.
  6. Responsible for oversite which includes working, staffing, planning and all necessary communication for all Vacation Camp days that take place at the SOFY branch.
  7. Assist in the creation and facilitation of training venues for summer camp and Club Kid staff.  Assist in the organization of any training events.
  8. Assist Monroe Staff with any and all Family Nights. 
  9. Assist Executive Director of Childcare with both Camp Wee Discover & Camp Discovery.
  10. Communicate to Executive Director of Childcare any concerns regarding staff, participants, parents, policies, activities or programs.     
  11. Assist Executive Director with the organization's process of evaluating staff and programs periodically or whenever needed.
  12. Responsible for conducting any and all staff meetings and trainings. 
  13. Assist Executive Director in departmental budget process along with satisfying projected budgetary expectations. 
  14. Integrate the YMCA Core Values into all program venues.     
  15. Assure that all training and paperwork pertaining to Club Kid and camp is current and in compliance, including licensing and permit applications.    
  16. Promote Y programs throughout the community by being a liaison between schools, community, and the Y.
  17. Plan Monthly Site Director Meetings and in June, Plan one last meeting with just your staff.      
  18. Complete all aspects of hiring, including employee packets along with bi-weekly payroll.
  19. Responsible for mid-year and end-of-year evaluations for part-time staff.      
  20. Cultivate program ideas that incorporate the Y’s Core Values.
  21. The Program Director should work on trainings as cleared by Executive Director.
  22. Attend any and all meetings at the request of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Childcare.          
  23. Be an active supporter and participant in all our campaigns and special events.       
  24. Participate in outside events that support the community and promote public awareness of the Y and its programs.    
  25. Actively support branch needs, as “Director on Duty”, on designated nights.



  1. The Program Director must possess a strong understanding and general belief in the YMCA's mission and goals and a clear understanding to how it relates to youth and family programming.
  2. This position calls for comprehensive knowledge, experience and an understanding of age-appropriate activities and best practices for elementary age youth and before/after school childcare and day camp.
  3. This position requires proven skills in both human and public relations.
  4. The Program Director must have at least a minimum of 3 years experience working with youth and/or family programs in a supervisory capacity and have at least an Associates Degree in Elementary Education or a related field.
  5. The APD must have the ability to understand fiscal responsibilities.



Essential Functions
  1. The Associate Program Director's efforts in the above areas should result in:
  2.  High-quality, value-based programs for the youth and families that serve our community’s needs and the mission of our Y.
  3.  Maintaining high standards of professional ethics with regard to staff, participants and their families.
  4. The demonstration of strong values through excellent leadership and have positive influence on colleagues and staff.
  5. A coordinated, balance between the YMCA, local school districts and our targeted communities.
  6. Strong, positive enhancement to youth and family programming.


Required Certifications

Degree in child care/elementary education or a related field.