Gymnastics Head Team Coach

Interested in coaching an inspiring gymnastics team? Join our YMCA team here at the lake today! Part time position available.
Job Description

Responsible for instructing participants, overseeing safety, and understanding the importance of progression, safety, and the individual needs to each participant. Primary duties are, but not limited to, coaching the competitive team at practice and gymnastic meets.


·         Must be at least 18 years of age.

·         Experience with practical understanding and comprehensive knowledge of gymnastics competitions, teaching techniques, and evaluation of participant performance.

·         Must be able to instruct, coach, and spot gymnasts, including upper-level gymnasts.

·         Ability to interact with youth at the cognitive level.

·         Availability to work evenings and weekends.

·         CPR/AED Certified

Essential Functions

1.       Coaches and instructs students, individually or in groups, regarding the rules, regulations, and proper use of equipment.

2.       Observes students during practice and competition to help determine the needs for the individual or team improvement.

3.       Establishes and maintains professionalism while supervising students and coaches during practice and meets.

4.       Participates in daily warm ups.

5.       Teach skills in progression and based on each participant’s skill level.

6.       Practical application of basic spotting techniques.

7.       Enforces utmost safety procedures at all times.

8.       Practices time management skills and communicates well with instructors.

9.       Communicates, listens, and responds well with students and parents.

10.   Ability to work in a cooperative manner with other staff.

11.   Builds and maintains effective positive relationships with members, participants, volunteers, staff, and the community we serve.

12.   Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Certifications

CPR/AED Certified