Human Resource Director

Join our amazing and growing team at the Geneva Lakes Family YMCA.  This is a new position for a talented HR professional.
Job Description

Ensure overall human resource functions are completed on a daily basis. Works side by side with CEO to develop and implement HR strategies to ensure key operational objectives are met.


1.     Proven HR Experience.

2.     BS/BA in human resources, business administration, or relevant field.

3.     Thorough knowledge of HR best practices, legislation, and regulations.

4.     Knowledge of data analysis and reporting.

5.     Able to effectively work with a multitude of different people/departments.

6.     Motivated to work at a quick pace.

7.     Competent in work given and able to adjust to learn new procedures/skills.

8.     Is open to an ever-changing job description.  

Essential Functions

1.     Oversee, review and develop YMCA Association plans for all HR matters, including, but not limited to: hiring, on-boarding, compensation, benefits, employee/volunteer health and safety, payroll, etc.

2.     Devise best practice strategies to support our amazing team including: performance evaluation and staff training.

3.     Oversee all HR practices and procedures.

4.     Oversee, supervise, and support any HR and/or Accounting support staff.

5.     Monitor the adherence to internal policies and legal standards.

6.     Deal with grievances and violations when appropriate.

7.     Anticipate and resolve any litigation risk.

8.     Work with all directors to ensure our employee/volunteer teams are staffed.

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Mission Advancement: Models and teaches the Ys values. Ensures a high level of service with
a commitment to changing lives.  Provides volunteers with orientation, training, development, and recognition. Cultivates relationships to support fund-raising.

Collaboration: Champions inclusion activities, strategies, and initiatives. Builds relationships
to create small communities. Empathetically listens and communicates for understanding when negotiating and dealing with conflict. Effectively tailors communications to the appropriate audience. Provides staff with feedback, coaching, guidance and support.

Operational Effectiveness:  Provides others with frameworks for making decisions. Conducts prototypes to support the launching of programs and activities. Develops plans and manages best practices through engagement of team. Effectively creates and manages budgets. Holds staff accountable for high-quality results using a formal process to measure progress.

Personal Growth: Shares new insights. Facilitates change; models adaptability and an awareness of the impact of change. Utilizes non-threatening methods to address sensitive issues and inappropriate behavior or performance.  Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well; uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology.

Required Certifications

1.     BS/BA in human resources, business administration, or relevant field.

2.  CPR/First Aid after first 90 days.