Head Teacher - Preschool

The Ridgewood YMCA is seeking a full time Head Teacher for our preschool program. 
Job Description

The Head Teacher, in collaboration with the Sr. Director of Youth Programming, will plan and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports and encourages the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of our preschool students. They will work within the framework of the Ridgewood YMCA’s Preschool program to carry out its functions, policies, and procedures; including but not limited to student assessments, work sampling, individualized plans, and parent/ family engagement. The Head Teacher will supervise, coach and support Assistant Teachers and Activity Specialists when appropriate.

The Ridgewood YMCA Preschool Program operates Monday – Friday, from September through June.  Our Head Teacher will have additional responsibilities when preschool is not in session and must be available to work evenings and weekends as needed.  This will include, and is not limited to, summer camp, enrichment, vacation camp, and other Ridgewood YMCA programs. 


Head Teacher Requirements

(Applicants must have one of the following)

A. Master’s degree in education including 6 credits and 1 year of experience.

B. Master's degree in any other field including 9 credits and 1 year of experience.

C. Bachelor’s degree in education, Psychology, Health Care, Nursing, or any other field related to Child Growth & Development; or Teaching Certification from Department of Education in Elementary Education, Nursery School, Preschool through Third grade (P-3) or Teacher of the Handicapped. And 6 credits with 2 years of experience.  

D. Bachelor's Degree in any field other than those listed in Option C and 9 credits/3 years of experience or 6 credits/4 years of experience. 

E. Teaching Certification from Department of Education in a field other than those listed in Option C and 9 credits/3 years of experience or 6 credits/4 years of experience.

F. Montessori education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience

G. Head Teacher endorsement from the NJ Registry for Childhood Professionals, Professional Impact New Jersey

Essential Functions
  • Ensure the health, safety and well-being of children in the program, by providing close supervision of all activities.
  • Plan developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons and activities.
  • Implement lessons and activities; including but not limited to reading, writing development, social and emotional learning, music, STEM, art, math, science, social studies, sports, swim etc.
  • Develop classroom centers that respond to children’s interests and are coordinated with the ongoing curriculum.
  • Facilitate student assessments and work sampling.
  • Work with parents to promote understanding the growth and development of their child. Effectively communicate with parents, verbally and in written form, throughout the school year. 
  • Encourage parent participation in special events, meetings, and in-class volunteer opportunities. 
  • Work as a supportive team member within the Ridgewood YMCA; and supervise Assistant Teachers. 
  • Maintain a clean and safe classroom environment.
  • Maintain accurate program documentation; including by not limited to incident/ accident/ behavior reports, attendance sheets, sign-in/ sign-out sheets, parent surveys, etc. 
  • Ensure that all Ridgewood YMCA, NJ Department of Education, and NJ Department of Health guidelines are followed. 
  • Actively participate in designated meetings, all training sessions, open houses and special events.
  • Other activities and duties as needed.