Preschool Director

We’re looking for an experienced preschool director to join our New Bedford Preschool program.
Job Description

Directs the development, planning, introduction, and administration of a wide range of childcare programs for a Branch through a staff of certified professionals.


• EEC Certified Director level 1 or 2.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Human Services, or related field. 

• Minimum of two years lead teacher and administrative experience.

• Proven record of physical and non-physical program development.

• Experience in staff selection, training and evaluation, including volunteers.

• Ability to prepare and manage department budget; maintain appropriate records for parent, state, Association compliance.

• Ability to understand, communicate, and apply rules, regulations, and standards of moderate complexity from outside agencies.

• Analytic ability to monitor child care safety efforts; introduce new safety programs; professionally respond to issues of safety and behavior.

• Experience dealing with a wide range of clients in matters of personal concern in a responsive, professional manner.

• Ability to create and initiate communication programs and fundraising efforts.

Physical Demands:

• The physical demands of this position are limited and, as such, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with physical disabilities to perform essential functions of this job.

Essential Functions

• Research, evaluate, and implement child care programs of varying natures to meet the needs of the client base and community.

• Conduct periodic evaluations of programs to assure meeting established goals.

• Recruit, train, supervise and evaluate staff.

• Model the Y’s healthy eating standards by ordering and consuming HEPA compliant foods and beverages during meal and snack times; and avoiding consumption of food and beverages during other program times.

• Model the Y’s active living standards by engaging in games and physical activities with youth.

• Plan and implement state of the art staff development programs.

• Develop promotional and public relations efforts through print media and personal appearances.

• Initiate, maintain, and implement appropriate communications with parents/guardians to assure understanding of program goals and expectations.

• Manage, monitor and report on issues of child care safety and security.

• Prepare annual department budgets; monitor for compliance.

• Manage participant registration, attendance, mailing lists.

• Provide leadership to, and participate in, community events, YMCA campaigns, child

care professional development activities.

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Mission and Community Oriented: Models and teaches YMCA values. Champion

inclusion activities, strategies, initiatives. Ensures high level services that differentiate the

YMCA from other providers. Provides staff and volunteers with orientation, training,

development, and recognition.


People Oriented: Empathetically listens and communicates for understanding when

negotiating and dealing with conflict. Builds relationships to create small communities.

Effectively tailors communications to specific audiences. Provides staff with feedback,

coaching, guidance, and support.


Results Oriented: Holds staff and self accountable for high-quality results using formal

process to measure progress. Conducts prototypes to support new programs and activities.

Provides others with framework for making decisions. Develops plans and manages best

practices through engagement of team and others. Cultivates relationships to support

fundraising. Effectively creates and manages budgets.


Personal Development Oriented: Utilizes non-threatening methods to address sensitive

issues, inappropriate behavior, or issues of performance. Shares new insights; facilitates

change; models adaptability and awareness of change impact.

Required Certifications

• EEC Certified Director level 1 or 2.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Human Services, or related field. 

• Minimum of two years lead teacher and administrative experience.