Mental Health and Wellbeing Professional (MESH)

Frost Valley YMCA is located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, two hours north of NYC
Camp Description
Frost Valley YMCA is located 2 hours north of New York City in the heart of the Catskill Mountains
Job Description

The mental wellness member is responsible for working with any campers and staff with mental and emotional needs as they arise at camp. This position could be called in to help campers, coach staff on techniques to support campers or assess what help campers/staff might need and then advise the Wellness Center, Director Team and/or HR on what action is needed. While we are looking for a licensed mental health professional, this position does not practice as a therapist at camp.The Professional will work to the highest standards to meet the mission of not only the Wellness Department, but the YMCA, the expectations of the staff and campers, and the best interests of Frost Valley. 


 - Masters’ or working towards, preferably with licensure in the areas of mental health, mental health counseling, social work, or psychology

- Have a background working with children in on of the above disciplines

- Have a background in working with children in crisis situations

- Ability to screen for risk (suicidal, homicidal, self-harm) and coordinate with Nurse on duty for second opinion.

- Ability to work in fast-paced environment

- Ability to collaborate as a member of a multidisciplinary team

- Able to advise Wellness Center staff, Camp Director and other staff in taking action when a camper or staff member may be in need of services beyond what Frost Valley YMCA can provide

- Shown ability to create and hold strong boundaries around their role 

Essential Functions
  • Review and screen camper wellness forms prior to camper arrival. Identifying any campers who need follow up before their arrival. Reach out to families to develop wellness plans for the upcoming session. Communicate any information to Camp Directors and Wellness Center prior to camper arrival.
  • Collaborate with Wellness Center Staff, Director Team and Camp Coaches to provide clinical input regarding how to proceed with camper and staff care.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local mental health organizations and providers, and contribute to an updated list of local resources
  • Assist in risk assessment and work with the team to make decisions about camper and staff mental, emotional, and social health issues. Expected to consult staff in crisis situations
  • Liaise between outside therapists, community orgs and camp. This includes facilitating communication with hospitals and emergency providers when appropriate.
  • Provide support and education to camp coaches
  • Provide short term, solution based counseling to camper and staff
  • Assist with ongoing training, reinforcing best practices and skills to summer camp staff
  • Work with director team to communicate with parents regarding mental health issues and concerns as they arise
  • Upkeep and management of the comfort spaces and support with scheduling
  • Help to document mental health challenges and identify any trends.