Senior Program Director Teens

We’re looking for people who share our values and exhibit the attributes of CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.
Job Description

Oversees operations and contributes to the development of the teen and preteen programs at the Johnson YMCA. Supports and influences the teen programs in the Johnson Teen Center. Implements high quality YMCA outreach and community development programs. Recruits, trains and supports assigned staff. Works closely with all YD staff to ensure a cohesive programmatic delivery and staff development. Serves as a co-liaison to committee(s) and advisory board(s). Nurtures relationships and communication with donors. 

  1.    Bachelor's degree in related field preferred or equivalent experience.
  2.    One to two years related experience preferred, as a coordinator or supervisor of outreach or after school programs.
  3.    Familiarity with the public school system. 
  4.    Ability to travel. 
  5.    Minimum age requirements may apply; for example, minimum age of 21 (define).
  6.    Typical requirements within 30 days of hire include completion of: CPR; First Aid; AED.
  7.    Fulfillment of state-specific hiring standards and completion of YMCA program specific certifications.
  8.    Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community.


Essential Functions

1.     Manages and coordinates all school age programs for the James Weldon Johnson YMCA for Gr. 6 – 12. Ensures the highest fidelity of all programming being routinely onsite during regular program hours.

2.     Manages and oversees the proper data implementation, collection and analyses to guide continuous improvement and outcome measurements.

3.     Ensures high quality programs and implements new program activities at James Weldon Johnson YMCA to increase enrollment and retention of participants.

4.   Executes strategies to ensure that members and/or program participants connect with one another and connect with the YMCA based on Program Quality Assessment (PQA) model and trainings.

5.   Supports the expansion of all James Weldon Johnson YMCA – Pre/Teen programs within the community in accordance with strategic and operating plans, i.e., logic models, program design, etc., including marketing, recruiting, and retention plans as well continuous improvement plans.

6.   Supports and implements outreach program development for specialized demographics for James Weldon Johnson YMCA. Supports development process through neighborhood planning processes. Assists to identify the appropriate staff and volunteers to lead.

7.    Implements strategies and plans for the James Weldon Johnson YMCA Pre/Teen Program ensuring all marketing and recruitment plans are fully executed.

8.     Recruits, hires, trains, develops, schedules and directs personnel and volunteers as needed. Reviews and evaluates staff performance. Develops strategies to motivate staff and achieve goals.

9.     Ensures compliancy with appropriate funding agencies, third-party evaluators, stakeholders, and staff throughout program audits and the grant periods.

10.   Complies with departmental, government contract and/or grant budgets in accordance with branch, association and regulatory compliance.

11.   Assures compliance with state and local regulations as they relate to program areas. Ensures that YMCA program standards are met and safety procedures followed.

12.   Provides for upkeep of assigned program facilities and equipment and ensures the physical environment supports healthy living.

13.   Assists nurturing and maintaining relationships with funding partners, community organizations, school administration, parent groups and other organizations and agencies related to assigned programs. Responds to all agency, parent and community inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.

14.   Maintains and manages proper records/department files.

15.   Organizes special events for parents. Assists in YMCA fund raising activities.

16.   Assists with Program Committee & Board Meeting meetings, including reports and presentations.

17.   Ensures the marketing and distribution of program information to all stakeholders.

18.   Compiles program statistics via continuous data collection. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of and participation in program.

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Philanthropy: Secures resources and support for all philanthropic endeavors.

Influence: Serves as a community leader building collaborations based on trust and credibility to advance the Y’s mission and goals.

Developing Others: Provides tools and resources for the development of others.

Innovation: Involves members and the community in the development of programs and activities.

Quality Results: Assigns clear accountability and ensures continuous improvement.

Self-Development: Fosters a learning environment embracing diverse abilities and approaches.