Outreach Coordinator

In the Y, we strive to live our cause of strengthening communities with purpose and intentionality every day.
Job Description

This position supports the work of the Y, a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. This role will assist in building the community’s and members’ understanding of the YMCA’s cause and impact in the community, through events, engagement activities, and other assigned outreach. This role will also help coordinate volunteerism through recruiting, placing, and tracking volunteers. This includes supporting the Food Box Program. This role will also support fundraising for the Annual Campaign.

  1. Bachelor's or Associate’s degree in Communications, Hospitality Management, or equivalent preferred.
  2.  One to two related experiences preferred, as a coordinator of activities or events
  3. Excellent computer skills and experience with standard business software.
  4. Ability to relate effectively and compassionately to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community.
  5. Ability to interact with a friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and outgoing manner with members and those interested in the Y at events, etc.
  6. Ability to learn Daxko Operating Software.
  7. Understand and promote all program and membership offerings and registration methods.
  8. Strong project management skills; ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines.
  9. Strong communication and organizational skills.
  10. Ability to generate and implement creative ideas.


Essential Functions
  1. Plan and coordinate annual events and member engagement events
  2. Attend community outreach events and prepare others in the Y to attend with a purpose of promoting and engaging others in the Y
  3. Coordinate social responsibility and volunteer initiatives
  4. Lead and manage Togetherhood Committee and volunteer projects
  5. Manage food box program by organizing food orders and pickups and coordinating volunteers for weekly food box deliveries to food and transportation insecure households
  6. Review and approve food box program applications.
  7. Manage all volunteer inquiries, volunteer database, and recognition to engage volunteers
  8. Work with supervisors to determine currents volunteer needs and develop strategies for volunteer recruitment (not including policy volunteers)
  9. Support staff and volunteers with community presentations, meetings and events
  10. Support CEO in Annual Campaign fundraising events and efforts
  11. Attend community outreach events as the Y representative
  12. Assist with grant management as needed
  13. Perform other duties as assigned


Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies
  • CommunicationandInfluence
  • Volunteerism
  • Functional Expertise
  • ChangeLeadership


Required Certifications
  • Certifications required within 30 days of hire: American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid; the following training provided by the Y:  Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse; Appropriate Touch; Child Sexual Abuse Prevention; Hazard Communication for Employees; Managing Your Risk of Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens; Preventing Member and Guest Slips, Trips, and Falls; Risk Management 101; and Safe Lifting.