Sports Director

The Sports Director will recruit & supervise mission driven staff to ensure excellence in Y best practices in operation of the department.
Job Description

The Sports Director provides leadership and support for the YMCA of Wichita Falls. The Sports Director will recruit and supervise mission driven employees and ensure excellence in Y best practices in operation of the Sports department. Regular interaction with employees, leadership, members, and other business associates in an outgoing, friendly, and courteous manner is essential. The Program Director will support the mission, purpose, and goals of the YMCA, while performing the essential duties and responsibilities.


• Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management, Education, or related field preferred.

• Highly motivated, organized, personable, enthusiastic, displaying strong leadership abilities.

• Two years of Y program experience preferred.

• YMCA Team Leader certification preferred.

• Must pass a background check.

Essential Functions
  • Manages, directs and supervises the sports/program activities to meet the needs of the community and fulfill YMCA objectives.
  • Recruits, hires, trains, develops, schedules and supervises Sports Department part-time staff and volunteers.
  • Monitors daily sports operations to adhere to all standards set forth by the YMCA of Wichita Falls.
  • Conducts and ensures proper maintenance of equipment. Secures and schedules sports facilities.
  • Maintains positive relationships with contract vendors.
  • Creates new program opportunities in all areas including those that are underserved in the Wichita Falls community.
  • Act as the liaison to community leaders/volunteers and ensure that shared facilities are upheld to the standards set by both parties.
  • Assists in the marketing and distribution of program information.
  • Ensures risk management practices are exceeded in all aspect of the Sports Department.
  • Manages the volunteer training requirements for all sports and ensures 100% compliance with the required volunteer training completion.
  • Develops, manages, and controls department budgets to meet fiscal objectives.
  • Work closely with association leadership to meet established annual campaign and program sponsorship goals according to YMCA of Wichita Falls policy.
  • Serve as Manager on Duty as assigned.
  • Directly supervise the scheduling of game day Administrator in Charge and be in ratio throughout the week for this role.
  • Must be adaptable to changing work environment including working a non-typical schedule including weekends and evenings during sports seasons. 


·         Physically able to sit at a computer terminal and enter data. 

·         Must be able to communicate in a professional manner with all community stakeholders. 

·         Must be able to lift and carry objects up to 45lbs independently.

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

 Team Leader:

Mission Advancement: Models and teaches the Y’s values, ensures a high level of service with a commitment to changing lives, provides staff and volunteers with orientation, training, development, and recognition, cultivates relationships to support fund-raising.

Collaboration: Champions inclusion activities, strategies, and initiatives, builds relationships to create small communities, empathetically listens and communicates for understanding when negotiating and dealing with conflict. Effectively tailors communications to the appropriate audience; provides staff and volunteers with feedback, coaching, guidance and support.

Operational Effectiveness: Provides others with frameworks for making decisions, conducts prototypes to support the launching of programs and activities, develops plans and manages best practices through engagement of team, effectively creates and manages budgets, holds staff accountable for high-quality results using a formal process to measure progress.

Personal Growth: Shares new insights, facilitates change, models adaptability along with an awareness of the impact of change on others, utilizes non-threatening methods to address sensitive issues and inappropriate behavior or performance, has the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well, uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology.