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This is an amazing opportunity for a proven and experienced professional to take their next leadership step to lead a truly mission...  
Job Description

The Opportunity: 

This is an amazing opportunity for a proven and experienced professional to take their next leadership step to lead a truly mission-focused YMCA in a wonderful community. 

The YMCA is seeking an innovative, strategic and community minded individual to serve as its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO will build trust and extend the breadth and depth of the YMCA’s reach across Pike County and beyond. The CEO will lead collaborative efforts to grow and maintain productive working relationships in the community that enhances our reputation and furthers the Y’s mission and impact. 

The new CEO will join our Y with an energized board and a strong staff team that have a true passion for the work and love for the community they serve.

About the YMCA: 

The Pikeville Area Family YMCA opened in July 1996. It was a facility with two basketball courts, walking track, tennis court, weight room, an aerobics room, and two racquetball rooms. The cornerstones were honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. It was a dream come true.

In earlier years, the Railroad YMCA was started at Shelbiana at the railroad yard in 1984. Programing started at the Daniel Boone Motel, including basketball, softball, youth soccer, t-ball, and racquetball. The first addition several years later included a childcare, Silver Sneakers room, large aerobics room, and a large weight room. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the aquatic/wellness center was held on 6/7/2021. The ceremony was preceded by a market study, state approvals, engineering drawings and revisions, and construction.

The Y secured a Community Trust Bank construction loan commitment, and the City of Pikeville donated $1.5 million. The public phase of the capital campaign followed. $3,375,000 permanent financing was committed in partnership with FHE and Community Ventures. Elliott Contracting constructed a first-class aquatic and wellness center, a beautiful 25-yard college length pool, 7.0 feet on the deep end, and 3.5 feet deep on the shallow end to meet state requirements. The aquatic center features a paddock pools patented chlorine removal system, wood ceiling to absorb sound, party rooms for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions, locker rooms accommodating individuals with special needs, and a wellness center weight room expansion. A splash pad was later donated by the Elliott companies. 

Our Mission: 

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Our Cause & Values: 

To strengthen the foundations of community and instilling the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement: 

At the Y, we believe that in a diverse world, we are stronger when we are inclusive, and our doors are open to all.  Our cause is to strengthen the community and we are committed to ensuring that all segments of society can access and feel welcome at the Y.  This commitment to inclusion compels us as an organization to work towards the greatest possible understanding and engagement of underserved populations across all dimensions of diversity.

Current Key Strategic Initiatives: 

  • Capital Campaign 
  • Outreach Food Program 
  • Continued growth of our Youth Development Programs


  • Total Number of Members: 4,433
  • Total Number of Membership Units: 2,200

Core Programs: 

  • Aquatics
  • Day Camp
  • After School Program
  • Group Exercise
  • Youth Sports

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Strength Center (24/7 access)
  • Aerobics Center
  • Child Watch
  • Family Locker Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Gym
  • Handball Racquetball Court
  • Indoor Walking Track
  • Outdoor Fields
  • Pool
  • Early Childhood Center
  • Weight Rooms
  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts

Annual Support Campaign: 

  • 2022: $12,036 pledged (10,866 of that has been paid) 
  • Goal for 2023: $60,000 
  • Number of people who received assistance: 56 families received financial assistance


  • FT: 15
  • PT/Seasonal: 45

CEO Direct Reports: 

  • Finance Manager 
  • Childcare Director 
  • Director of Health and Wellness 
  • Director of Sports and Aquatics

Board of Directors: 

  • Number of Governing Board Members: 24
  • Committees: 
    • Executive
    • Finance
    • Abuse Prevention
    • Fundraising


  • Current Annual Budget Size: $2.1M
  • 3-year annual surplus/deficit:
    • 2022: $101.360
    • 2021: $80,370
    • 2020: ($66,657)

About the Area: 

Pikeville has twice been recognized as one of the best small towns in America by Norm Crampton in his book, The 100 Best Small Towns in America. Pikeville is the site of the Pikeville Cut-Through Project, one of the largest and most impressive civil engineering feats in history. In October 1987, the project was completed.  The Levisa Fork was diverted from its looping course through the city into a half-mile-long cut through Peach Orchard Mountain. Railroad tracks and streets were rerouted from the area and bridges were removed. The former river channel was filled in with dirt and rock from the cut-through. The end result was an addition of nearly 400 acres of new level land for commercial and institutional development. 

There is plenty to do in and around Pikeville, Kentucky. Residents and tourists enjoy a wide variety of food and drink establishments, ranging from traditional American style restaurants to Mexican, Greek, and Asian establishments. There is plenty of overnight accommodations available whether it be upscale, economy, or a cozy bed and breakfast. Residents enjoy listing to live music indoors and outdoors at one of the many local restaurants, the outdoor stage, or the arena. Pikeville hosts a wide variety of seasonal entertainment options and experiences. And If you're looking for unique boutique style shops visit downtown Pikeville or enjoy some of our national brands in Cassidy Shopping Area. there are plenty of outdoor options. The Bob Amos trails host only a few of the many hiking trails in the region. The outdoor 350-person entertainment located at Bob Amos Park overlooking the Pikeville Cut-Through and a portion of downtown. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Pike County, Kentucky, you can take a scenic horse trail overlooking the historic town of Pikeville, Kentucky, home of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud! You can experience approximately three mile trail accompanied by an experience trail guide with the most experienced trail horses in the region. Our horses are hand selected for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders to ensure your maximum safety and to enhance your trail riding experience. We have a variety of different times available at your convenience and depending on the scenery you want to experience. Allow us to help make a memory on the mountain for you!

Pike County, KY Demographics

Population, Census, April 2020: 58,669 

Under 18 years: 20.30%

19 to 64 years old: 59.30%

65 years and over: 20.40% 

Why Move to our City?

  • Community Atmosphere: Pikeville is a tight-knit community; many residents appreciate the strong sense of community and friendliness of the people who live here. - Natural Beauty: Pikeville is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, offering stunning natural scenery. Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping, with opportunities to explore the nearby lake, river, and parks. 
  • Cost of Living: Pikeville has a relatively low cost of living. Housing, groceries, and other essential expenses can be less expensive than in many larger cities, making the city a more budget-friendly area. 
  • Education and Healthcare: Pikeville is home to the University of Pikeville and Pikeville Medical Center, both nationally recognized institutions which provide education and healthcare services to the region
  • Cultural Events: Pikeville hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year and is home to the Appalachian Wireless Arena which hosts music performances, arts and crafts fairs, and community gatherings. These events provide entertainment and opportunities to connect with others in the area.

Information Sites: 

Pikeville Area Family YMCA Website

City of Pikeville Website

Visit Pikeville

University of Pikeville

Pikeville Medical Center

Pikeville Independent School District

Pike County School District

YMCA of the USA 


Criteria for Candidates: 

  1. Accredited 4-year college degree and or equivalent work experience.
  2. Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills and personal values consistent with the YMCA mission.
  3. Minimum five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable organization with direct supervision of multiple levels of staff and employees.
  4. Fiscally sound business management approach with a proven track record of budgetary and fiscal management in excess of $1M or more annually.
  5. Must have the ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.
  6. Have the ability to develop new programs, review and enhance programs being offered or considered for both economy and the effectiveness in broadening our engagement in the communities in which we serve.
Essential Functions

Key Skills and Abilities of Our Next CEO: 

The board believes its new CEO should be an experienced leader who has the background and qualities that will permit him or her to achieve excellence in the following roles: 

  • Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan: Work effectively with volunteers, community leaders, and key staff, to create and develop a strategic plan that addresses the needs of the communities served by the Y and includes defined organizational strategies, a clear implementation plan with deliverables, and measurable goals. Key competencies: Change Leadership, Communication & Influence, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Program/Project Management
  • Improve Operating Performance: Engage the board and appropriate staff to develop an annual tactical plan for identifying and achieving key goals and objectives towards operating with safe, relevant, and sustainable practices. Quickly address issues that may arise, forecast future needs, and manage and direct the Y’s operations and activities. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Innovation
  • Fiscal Management: Use high-level financial analysis to forecast financial trends, growth, and stability, while consistently leading an organization to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs. Empower and guide staff leaders to lead their departments to successful financial operation. Develop and implement stewardship strategies. Key competencies: Fiscal Management, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Developing Self & Others, Philanthropy 
  • Position the Y as a Vital Partner for Community Change: Serve as an ambassador for the mission, purpose, and vision for the YMCA within the community. Possess the ability to develop and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, while always upholding the highest standards and values of the Y. Ensure your Y is seen as a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other. Key competencies: Communication & Influence, Engaging Community, Collaboration 
  • Steward Fundraising Efforts: Develop and implement an annual fundraising plan that will establish the YMCA as a leading nonprofit organization within the community through the engagement of members, volunteers, staff, and donors. Identify the need for successful capital fundraising, while taking the organization to a new level of effectiveness and impact in annual giving and endowment. Key competencies: Philanthropy, Engaging Community, Communication & Influence
  • Build and Lead Staff: Ensure a talent development system is in place for staff. Hire, motivate, nurture, retain, and hold staff accountable for key objectives. Work towards recruiting, retaining, developing, and promoting staff that represent the diversity of the communities you serve. Encourage the team by creating a spirit of camaraderie, inclusion, and sense of mission and purpose. Create a learning organization to help staff achieve their highest potential. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Inclusion, Emotional Maturity, Change Leadership
  • Maintenance and Development of Facilities: Ensure all facilities are clean, safe, and fully operational. Ensure a well-led facility preventative maintenance program is in place. Lead the Y through stages of a current or future capital development project. Key competencies: fiscal Management, Program/Project Management, Change Leadership, Critical Thinking & Decision Making  

Residency Expectation: Living in the YMCA’s service area is required.

Salary Range: $75,000 to 100,000


  • Health, Vision, Dental (Y pays 75% employee pays 25% of premium)  
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): 3 personal days per year, 1/2 sick day per month of employment 
  • Vacation Days: 1 week after 1st year of employment, 2 weeks after 2nd year of employment, and 3 weeks after 10 years of employment. 
  • YMCA Retirement (8% paid by Y, 4% by employee) contribution once eligibility is met
  • Other benefits per personnel policy

Search Process Target Dates*: 

  • Resumes accepted through: September 29, Noon, CST
  • Preliminary interviews scheduled: November 6-7, 2023
  • In-person interviews: November 29-30 (in the area on November 28)
  • New CEO on board (anticipated): January 2, 2024, or earlier

*dates subject to change

References, Background Check, and Organizational Leader Certification: 

Candidates must submit the following in their online application: a resume, cover letter, and six references (four professional and two personal that are not directly related). References checked on final candidates only with prior notification. Successful candidate accepting the offer must pass a background check and must have a current Y-USA’s Organizational Leader Certification or obtain certification within the first three years from start date as the CEO.

Candidates must apply via the following website: 

Please upload pdf documents only.


Questions about the Search Process?

Contact Richard Clegg, CEO Search Senior Consultant, YMCA of the USA, [email protected]

Questions about the YMCA?

Chris Francis, CEO, KY-WV Alliance of YMCAs, [email protected]