Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

Join, guide, and facilitate our efforts as a student-centered organization in a higher education environment.
Job Description

Founded in 1873, we are an independent university campus YMCA that engages students, faculty, staff and community members.

We seek an experienced team member to a) design and lead staff-directed programming for students and non-students, and b) dedicated to welcoming and connecting all students through dialogue, action, reflection, and advocacy to issues focused on social justice, environmental protection, interfaith cooperation and global engagement. We are actively engaged in understanding ourselves as a progressive and historically white organization, and in learning how to dismantle the explicit and implicit barriers to becoming an anti-racist organization.

  • Proven track record in leading and developing student-centered programs
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice and equity
  • Demonstrated experience in effectively fostering an environment of inclusivity, equity and diversity
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and work collaboratively with diverse teams of students, staff, board, volunteer and community members
  • Demonstrated ability to champion and tell the stories of our students, and help them do the same
  • Demonstrated understanding of how to establish and maintain healthy, positive professional relationships with students and others
  • Experience advising and supporting racially underrepresented student populations
  • Experience with shared student governance
  • Skills and experience in assisting students to understand and successfully navigate transitions
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in using social media to engage students and other stakeholder
  • Familiarity with managing and aligning resources with mission
Essential Functions

In collaboration with students, staff, board members and community partners:

  • Contribute to the design and delivery of the University Y’s staff-led programming, including Friday Forum, Art @ the Y, Bailey Scholarship, and interfaith cooperation
  • Promote programmatic and student-centered collaboration with the New American Welcome Center
  • Foster trust and healthy relationships with and among students and others affiliated with the University Y
  • Design, develop and direct trainings, workshops and other leadership development opportunities for students
  • Actively connect students, student organizations and building residents to the University Y’s mission, especially those who are not currently or historically involved with the organization
  • Personally demonstrate, and create and lead initiatives that teach, model and encourage collaboration, civil dialogue, and respectful, constructive approaches to identifying and resolving conflict and disagreement
  • Develop and deliver programming for the Bailey Scholars Program in coordination with the Program Administrator and the Program Steering Committee (
  • Maintain a flexible work schedule, including nights and weekends, that fits the programming needs of diverse audiences
Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies
  • Ability to communicate effectively across diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultural perspectives
  • Experience in leading and developing programs that involve students in mutually-beneficial community-university partnerships
  • Experience in higher education or community-based non-profit organizations
  • Experience equivalent to, or a graduate degree in a field related to the position responsibilities.
  • Experience in supervising other persons and employees
  • Trained intergroup or sustained dialogue facilitator
  • Skills and experience specific to leading social justice, antiracist, interfaith, or environmental work