The YMCA of Greater Louisville is an equal opportunity employer committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion.
Job Description

The YMCA of Greater Louisville has a commitment to creating a culture of safety.

The Opportunity

As the next President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Louisville, you have the incredible opportunity to lead a prestigious organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities. With a rich history of serving the Louisville area, the YMCA holds a special place in the hearts of its members and the broader community. By taking on this role, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the future of an organization that positively impacts the physical, mental, and social well-being of countless individuals. As the leader, you will have the chance to drive strategic initiatives, cultivate strong relationships with community partners, and champion a vision of inclusivity, health, and empowerment. Your leadership will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children, families, and individuals from all walks of life, fostering a sense of belonging, building resilience, and promoting healthy living. The YMCA of Greater Louisville offers a unique platform for you to make a difference, creating a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

Our Mission

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. 

Our Cause

With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the YMCA of Greater Louisville is a charitable organization committed to strengthening communities. The Y engages men, women and children—regardless of age, income or background—to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the nation’s health and well-being, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. Serving the Greater Louisville area since 1853, the Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change.

Position Description

The YMCA of Greater Louisville is seeking an innovative, strategic and community minded individual to serve as its next President & CEO. The President & CEO will build trust and extend the breadth and depth of the YMCA’s reach across Greater Louisville. The President & CEO will lead collaborative efforts to grow and maintain productive working relationships in the community that enhances our reputation and furthers our mission and cause. 

For more than 170 years the YMCA of Greater Louisville has responded to the changing needs of a dynamic and diverse community. The CEO will have the opportunity to leverage the organization’s history and positive impact to continue to position the Y as a leader in the community and the nation in the areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The CEO will work closely with the senior leadership team and a strong volunteer Board of Directors to further expand outcomes aligned with the organization’s strategic initiatives. Moving forward, the CEO will continue the legacy of having a long-term commitment and view of the community. The CEO will further strengthen a vision that engages the community, delivers quality programs, member engagement, associate engagement, operational results and philanthropic support including fundraising for annual, capital and deferred maintenance campaigns. 

YMCA of Greater Louisville Facts

Positioned on the banks of the Ohio River, the YMCA of Greater Louisville serves 3 counties in Kentucky and 2 in Southern Indiana. The Greater Louisville area is known for horse racing, bourbon, baseball bats and the world’s most famous boxer. The community is diverse and full of potential. Greater Louisville is home to iconic and growing brands, like Ford, UPS, Yum! Brands, Humana, Churchill Downs and Brown-Forman Corporation. Greater Louisville has an impressive portfolio of home-grown companies, globally recognized corporations, and startups. A very affordable and livable city, Louisville is home to impressive dining, arts, entertainment, sports, and tourism activities. The Louisville area continues to grow with new projects on the horizon strategically focused to expand the opportunities in this vibrant city. For more information on the Greater Louisville area, please visit and  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The YMCA of Greater Louisville is committed to nurturing a culture in which diversity and inclusion are integrated into our everyday operations. We will actively seek to establish a strong global community by equipping knowledgeable leaders and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in which all can thrive and reach their fullest potential. 

Current Key Strategic Initiatives

Strengthening the Foundations of Community 

  • Expanding opportunities: Working to ensure everyone has access to holistic health and wellness outcomes (spirit, mind, body)
  • Human Connections: Addressing social isolation and depression through core behaviors of being welcoming, nurturing, determined, genuine, and hopeful.
  • Equity: Addressing how social determinants of health like geography, financial capability and environmental factors affect equitable access to opportunity.
  • Changemakers: Every youth feels welcome and finds a nurturing environment to help them reach their fullest potential.
  • Character in Action: Understanding our roles in integrating values in decision making so they will show up in our actions. 


  • Total Number of Members: 74,027
  • Total Number of Membership Units: 32,656
  • 1% Youth (Age 17 and under)
  • 11% Adult (Age 26-64)
  • 73% Household
  • 13% Senior (Age 65+)
  • 2% Young Adult (Age 18-25)

Branch Information 

  • Association Services Office, 545 South Second Street, Louisville, KY
  • Bullitt County YMCA Program Services, 409 Joe B. Hal Ave, Shepherdsville, KY 40165
  • Chestnut Street Family YMCA, 930 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY
  • Clark County Family YMCA, 4812 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130
  • Downtown Family YMCA, 555 South Second Street, Louisville, KY
  • Floyd County Family YMCA, 33 State Street New Albany, Indiana 47150
  • Northeast Family YMCA, 9400 Mill Brook Road, Louisville, KY
  • YMCA at Norton Commons, 11000 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY
  • Oldham County Family YMCA, 20 Quality Place, Louisville, KY
  • Republic Bank Foundation YMCA, 1720 West Broadway, Louisville, KY
  • Southeast Family YMCA, 5930 Six Mile Lane, Louisville, KY
  • Southwest Family YMCA, 2800 Fordhaven Road, Louisville, KY
  • YMCA Camp Piomingo, 1950 Otter Creek Park Road, Brandenberg, KY
  • YMCA Safe Place Services, 2400 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY
  • YMCA School-Age Child Care, 2411 Bowman Avenue, Louisville, KY
  • Y @ Work, Offering on-site services in two area businesses
    • GE Appliances
    • Norton Healthcare 


  • Youth Sports
  • Youth and Teens
  • Child Care
  • Swimming
  • Day Camp
  • Overnight Camp
  • Health and Fitness
  • Supportive Housing for Homeless Men
  • YMCA Safe Place Services Shelter House & Youth Development Center
  • Community Outreach 

Annual Campaign 

  • 2021: $1,556,229
  • 2022: $1,736,886
  • 2023: $1,630,867


Current Staff

  • Full Time: 263 (119 exempt)
  • Part Time: 1,810

CEO Direct Reports

  • VP, Finance
  • VP, Information Technology
  • VP, Human Resources
  • Director Marketing & Development Officer (shared partner with Cincinnati)
  • Director of Operation (shared partner with Cincinnati)
  • District Executive – Floyd County Family YMCA, Clark County Family YMCA, and Camp Piomingo
  • Director Diversity & Inclusion/District Branch Executive – Chestnut Street Family YMCA & Republic Bank Foundation YMCA
  • Director Risk Management
  • Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Director of HUB work
  • Executive Director – National Safe Place Services
  • Executive Director – School-Age Child Care
  • Executive Director – Downtown Family YMCA

Staff Demographics

  • 73% Female
  • 27% Male
  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 1
  • Asian: 37
  • Black or African American: 462
  • Hispanic or Latino: 56
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 3
  • Two or More Races: 60
  • White: 1337
  • Decline to answer: 117

Board of Directors

  • 36 member governing board of directors, led by Howard Holloman, Jr., Board Chair.


  • Current Annual Budget Size: $45M
  • Current Debt: $26M
  • Current Endowment $5.9M
  • 3-year pattern of annual surplus/deficit

                                     2019                  2020                  2021              2022

Budget                           $52M                  $53M                $29M                $43M

Actual Revenue        55,935,354        37,405,285       47,951,269        59,241,465 

Actual Expense          52,814,722       37,089,181      39,436,572        46,904,436 

Net                            3,120,632            316,104        8,514,697        12,337,029 

COVID Funds                         -           3,214,860      11,745,495         15,676,656 

Population & Demographics

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is located in Jefferson County. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's estimates in 2020, the population of Louisville was approximately 766,757. The Greater Louisville metropolitan area, which includes surrounding counties, has a population of over 1.3 million people.

Louisville is a diverse city with a mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds. In terms of racial composition, the city has a significant African American population, making up around 23% of the total population. The largest racial group is White, comprising approximately 70% of the population. The remaining percentage consists of smaller communities, including Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and other racial and ethnic groups.

Louisville has a relatively young population, with a median age of around 38 years old. The city is home to a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, with varying income levels and educational attainment. The local economy is diverse, with sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and tourism playing significant roles.

Additional Important Information

Area Amenities and Community Benefits

The Louisville, KY area offers a wide range of amenities and community benefits that contribute to its vibrant and inclusive character. 

  1. Cultural Attractions: Louisville boasts a rich cultural scene, including world-class museums such as the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Muhammad Ali Center, and Speed Art Museum. The city is known for its vibrant arts community, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues hosting performances and exhibitions throughout the year.
  2. Outdoor Spaces: The city is home to an extensive park system, offering residents and visitors ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The Waterfront Park along the Ohio River provides scenic views, walking trails, and event spaces. Cherokee Park and Iroquois Park offer green spaces for picnicking, hiking, and sports, while Bernheim Arboretum and Forest provides a tranquil natural environment for exploration.
  3. Sports and Recreation: Louisville has a deep sports tradition, with the iconic Churchill Downs hosting the annual Kentucky Derby, one of the most famous horse races in the world. The city also boasts professional baseball with the Louisville Bats, minor league hockey with the Louisville Thunder, 2 pro soccer teams and college sports with the University of Louisville Cardinals. There are also numerous sports complexes, golf courses, and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy.
  4. Healthcare and Education: Louisville is renowned for its robust healthcare and education systems. The city is home to leading healthcare institutions like Norton Healthcare and the University of Louisville Hospital. It also hosts top-tier educational institutions, including the University of Louisville, offering a wide range of academic programs and research opportunities.
  5. Culinary Scene: Louisville has a thriving food and beverage industry, with an emphasis on Southern cuisine and bourbon. The city is known for its diverse array of restaurants, from fine dining establishments to food trucks, offering a range of culinary experiences. Additionally, Louisville is part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, attracting whiskey enthusiasts from around the world.
  6. Community Engagement: The Louisville community is known for its strong sense of togetherness and civic engagement. The city hosts numerous festivals, events, and parades that bring people together and celebrate the city's rich heritage and diversity. There are also various community organizations and initiatives focused on social justice, environmental sustainability, and improving the quality of life for all residents.

Minimum Criteria for candidates:

  1. Accredited 4-year college degree or other relevant experience.
  2. Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills and personal values consistent with the YMCA mission.
  3. Minimum five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable complex, multiple site organization with direct supervision of multiple levels of staff.
  4. Must have the ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.
  5. Experience in developing new programs, reviewing and enhancing programs being offered or considered for both economy and effectiveness in broadening our engagement in the communities in which we serve.

Preferred Criteria for Candidates:

  1. YMCA Organizational Leader Certification, or ability to achieve within 3 years.
  2. Fiscally sound business management approach.
  3. Strategic planning and fundraising experience including annual campaigns and the securing of grants.
  4. A proven track record of budgetary and fiscal management in excess of $15M annually.
Essential Functions

Key Skills, Abilities and Priorities 

  1. Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan: Work effectively with volunteers, community leaders, and key staff, to create and develop a strategic plan that addresses the needs of the communities served by the Y and includes defined organizational strategies, a clear implementation plan with deliverables, and measurable goals. Key competencies: Change Leadership, Communication & Influence, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Program/Project Management
  2. Build and Lead Staff: Ensure a talent development system is in place and executed in an affirming, culturally competent and effective manner. Hire, motivate, nurture, retain, and hold staff accountable for key objectives. Work towards recruiting, retaining, developing, and promoting staff that represent the diversity of the communities you serve. Encourage the team by creating a spirit of camaraderie, inclusion, and sense of mission and purpose. Create a learning organization to help staff achieve their highest potential. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Inclusion, Emotional Maturity, Change Leadership
  3. Improve Operating Performance: Engage the board and appropriate staff to develop an annual tactical plan for identifying and achieving key goals and objectives towards operating with safe, relevant, and sustainable practices. Quickly address issues that may arise, forecast future needs, and manage and direct the Y’s operations and activities. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Innovation
  4. Fiscal Management: Use high-level financial analysis to forecast financial trends, growth and stability, while consistently leading organization to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs. Empower and guide staff leaders to lead their departments to successful financial operation. Develop and implement stewardship strategies. Key competencies: Fiscal Management, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Developing Self & Others, Philanthropy 
  5. Position the Y as a Vital Partner for Community Change: Serve as an ambassador for the mission, purpose, and vision for the YMCA within the community. Possess the ability to develop and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, while always upholding the highest standards and values of the Y. Ensure your Y is seen as a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other. Key competencies: Communication & Influence, Engaging Community, Collaboration 
  6. Make Progress as an Inclusive, Anti-Racist, Multicultural Organization: Intentionally promote inclusion in all aspects, ensure and sustain diverse representation in our leadership, and lead social change in our communities through anti-racist policies, words and actions. Key competencies: Change Leadership, Communication & Influence, Engaging Community, Inclusion
  7. Cause-Driven Leadership: Inspire and mobilize staff, volunteers, members, community members and community partners to strengthen communities for all. Bring together people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and generations to ensure access to the opportunities, relationships and resources necessary to learn, grow and thrive. Creates a welcoming, equitable, affirming, genuine, hopeful, and nurturing environment dedicated to strengthening the communities served. Key competencies: Developing Self & Others, Inclusion, Communication & Influence
  8. Steward Fundraising Efforts: Develop and implement an annual fundraising plan that will establish the YMCA as a leading nonprofit organization within the community through the engagement of members, volunteers, staff, and donors. Identify the need for successful capital fundraising, while taking the organization to a new level of effectiveness and impact in annual giving and endowment. Key competencies: Philanthropy, Engaging Community, Communication & Influence

Salary Range:  $250k -$340K base salary.

Benefits: Retirement contribution (12%), vacation plan, health plan, car allowance and other benefits per personnel policy included

Residency Expectation: The CEO is expected to be highly engaged in our community. Living in the YMCA’s service area is required.

Other sites for information:

Target Dates for the search process

Resumes accepted through: September 29, 2023

Preliminary interviews scheduled: November 6 & 7, 2023

Final interviews: November 29-30, 2023

CEO selection made: December 2023

New CEO on board (anticipated): January 1, 2024

To Apply

Candidates will apply via the following website:

You will be requested to submit the following with your online application:  A resume and cover letter, along with four professional and two personal references.  Note:  References will be checked on final candidates.

Questions regarding this position should be directed to:

Sal Cisneros

Senior Consultant 

YMCA of the USA

[email protected]

Chris Francis


KY/WV State Alliance

[email protected]