Development Swim Coach

Great opportunity for someone interested in helping lead our competitive swim team. 
Job Description

Under the direction of the Head Coach, this position oversees and directs the development of the youth program.  This includes maintaining a high level of communication with fellow coaches and swim team parents, running daily practices, planning events (competitive and social), completing swim meet entries, seasonal scheduling, planning program capacities, supervision of assistant coaches at the age group level.  The Head Development Coach must be able to answer questions pertaining to all levels of the swim team and areas of the YMCA, assist with the operation of all home meets, as well as assist the Head Coach in areas related to the swim team as needed.  

  • Advanced knowledge in practical, theoretical and psychological concepts of competitive swimming
  • An understanding of age and sex characteristics of child and adolescent development
  • Be able to work independently and professionally
  • Be able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing, ideas to swim team members and parents
  • Be able to exercise proper judgment when dealing with swim team members and parents
  • Maintain certifications required by the YMCA of the USA/Competitive Swim and USA Swimming
  • CPR for professional Rescuer
  • Standard First Aid
  • Lifeguard Training
  • Possess or working toward ASCA certification
  • Must be open and receptive to constructive criticism for the benefit of the program or staff growth and development
  • Can think in the abstract, solve problems, make decisions, instruct, evaluate, supervise children and other staff and remember information.
Essential Functions
  • Direct and oversee youth development – competitive and pre-competitive - portion of the Water Rat Swim Team.
  • Establish a seasonal training plan for the practice groups and have direct coaching contact with all groups.
  • Seasonal plan should be skill and technique focused
  • Maintain daily practice attendance and practice logs
  • Meet entries for designated practice groups
  • Attend swim meets as designated
  • Be prepared for all meets with necessary administrative tasks to be done
  • Organize and run a well-organized and safe warm-up session for all attending swimmers
  • Work with Age Group Parent Reps in organizing social activities for the swimmers.
  • Strong communication with swimmers, parents and coaches
  • Introduce and lay the foundation of the core values of: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility
  • ntroduce simple goal setting worksheets
  • Be proactive in educating the young/new parents to competitive swimming

Additional coaching responsibilities:

  • Meet entries for practice groups
  • Communicate regularly with other youth coaches
  • Communicate regularly with Challenger coaches to see that swimmers are on trajectory for team advancement.
  • Maintain and stay up to date on current coaching practices and theories and see that practice sessions reflect such knowledge. 
  • Be cognizant of swimmer/youth development as needed for each swimmer in a group environment.

Work with head coach as needed. This can include but not limited to:

  • Annual practice schedules
  • Help to oversee team equipment
  • Administrative duties and needed
  • Home swim meets
  • Professional Development:
  • Attend pertinent webinars
  • Update and develop ASCA Education Certification
  • Attend clinics, meetings, etc. that will further enhance coaching knowledge
  • Participate in team social and community service events as needed
  • Help team as needed

Colorado Timing System:

  • Oversee equipment maintenance and storage
  • Communicate needs with Head Coach
  • Train additional staff on equipment
  • Set up equipment for home meets
Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Collaboration: Creates sustainable relationships within the YMCA.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making: Makes informed decisions based on logic, data and sound judgement.

Developing Self & others: Develops self and supports others, both formally and informally, to achieve their highest potential.

Program/ Project management: Ensures programs or project goals are met and intended impact occurs.

Required Certifications

Lifeguard Certification

CPR for Professional Rescuer