East Valley Ranch Assistant Director

Frost Valley YMCA is located 2 hours north of New York City in the heart of the Catskill Mountains!
Camp Description
Frost Valley YMCA is located 2 hours north of New York City in the heart of the Catskill Mountains!
Job Description

The East Valley Ranch Assistant Director has a very dynamic position that changes minute by minute during each day.  The assistant must be flexible and willing to work very long hours each day.  The assistant helps the Director with all day-to-day tasks, including supervising staff, solving problems and issues that arise, assisting with evacuations, driving to and from activity sites, answering phones and responding to emails, and scheduling and day-to-day tasks.  This position assists in supervision of staff and ensures that each camper is cared for in a manner appropriate to a campers’ wellbeing. Facilitating staff experiences to be positive and insightful as well, is crucial to this position.  The successful candidate is detail-oriented, able to create and manage systems, able to supervise others effectively, and truly enjoys working with families and children of various Frost Valley programs.



  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Must possess a clean, valid U.S. driver’s license for the length of the position.  Driving record must be approved prior to official acceptance.

  • Minimum First Aid & CPR certification required or the ability to obtain certification on site. Certifications must be less than 1 year old

  • Experience working with campers ages 7-16 in an outdoor setting

  • Able to help campers as well as parents through issues that commonly occur in a summer camp setting (homesickness, bullying etc.)

  • Able to coach and communicate in a positive way to summer camp middle management, counselors as well as full time support staff and their respective department heads

  • Ability to be flexible to sudden changes in schedule, staff and campers

  • Be a strong, positive role model for campers and fellow staff members

  • Prior experience with logistical planning

  • Possess strong camping industry knowledge

  • Be very detail-oriented and safety-conscious. 

  • Excellent management, customer service, communication, group facilitation, organizational, and supervisory experience required

  • Ability to work very long hours under high stress is a must

  • Possess excellent communication and organizational skills

  • Be a strong leader and work well with a team of others

  • Be able to multitask and handle pressure well

Essential Functions


  • Ensure safety of all staff and participants

  • Assist East Valley Ranch Director with all day-to-day responsibilities and logistics, including, but not limited to, EVR  programming, answering phone calls from parents, overseeing staff and supporting middle management

  • Maintain a friendly, cooperative, and professional relationship with all staff and year-round support departments

  • Create a safe and fun environment for campers participating in EVR

  • Assist in management and supervision of EVR staff

  • Assist with training all staff for their respective positions

  • Be an active member of a team, including, but not limited to, giving your opinion in an appropriate manner, taking on delegated responsibilities and helping to maintain the physical, emotional and mental health of each team member

  • Be a positive role model for fellow staff and campers at all times. This includes modeling acceptable behavior, language, Frost Valley’s core values and outdoor standards

  • Ensure that East Valley Ranch achieves the highest standard and meets the mission and goals of both the Summer Camp Department and Frost Valley YMCA, as well as expectations of customers

  • Attend staff meetings

  • Offer help and assist with any other duties as assigned for the success of Frost Valley

  • Have on call responsibilities 4-5 nights per camp session

  • Assist in the planning/facilitation of theme days

  • Plan and facilitate overnights with the Program Coordinator

  • Embrace the Frost Valley YMCA’s eight core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, Community, Diversity, Stewardship and Inclusion

  • Other duties as assigned